Our Volunteers

There is now a small team of workers who do the day to day work caring for the animals:

  • Sue, Pauline’s daughter, ensures the welfare of the animals and the smooth running of the centre.
  • Laura, Sue’s daughter is continuing the family tradition and is now Assistant Manager.
  • Emma, Sara, and Chelsea work to care for the animals on a daily basis, as do several others on a casual and part-time basi
  • The above people are all paid staff but the Ark depends on a large number of volunteers, some of them named below who keep the Ark running on a daily basis.

Other volunteers and helpers are:

Barbara keeps this website up to date, deals with all communications by email.

Michelle keeps this website and email running smoothly and covers all the web hosting expenses.

Barbara (a different one!) washes up, walks dogs and socialises with them and does home checks in the Cleethorpes area.

Clive and Jean are also regular dog walkers .

Karen, Arthur, John and Jim all walk dogs on a regular basis, including lead training, and often find themselves hauled in for other things as well!

Paul, Christine and their daughter Louise come every weekend to walk dogs while sisters Karla and Tina come twice a month to walk dogs, usually taking 8 dogs each visit. They even take time off work to make the journey from Grimsby and the length of time they can stay at the Ark worthwhile.

Pat and Linda also fund-raise in the Mablethorpe area and use a variety of innovative methods to get money out of people.

Plus a load of other people who turn up whenever they can to walk dogs and do other jobs around the place.

We also have a multitude of people scattered around the area who raise money, take collection boxes, collect food and bedding for us, do home checks when needed, knit coats and blankets etc. It doesn’t matter how large or small the job is that people do, all are appreciated. Every small help we receive goes towards the smooth running of the Ark and we need and thank every one. If you’d like a mention on this page, please get in touch and tell us about your involvement.