Hello! I’m Amber!

amberI am a female Mastiff X Staffordshire Bull Terrier, am 6 years old and am a medium-large light tan dog.

I’ve been spayed and my vaccinations are in the process of being updated. I have an itchy skin in the summer months and have pirton for it and am fit and well and I eat a complete dry food only.

I’d been in my recent home since I was a year old, having been rehomed privately, but a child in my family has become allergic to me.

I’m a friendly dog but nervous at first and needs time to trust. I came in with another dog but put him in his place. I lived in the same house as children aged 2 and 4 years but we never met and was kept in the kitchen after they were born until they were in bed. I lived with another male Mastiff cross and we did scrap at times; I’ve also been attacked by another dog and haven’t been socialised much so am unsure how I’ll react to other dogs. I showed aggression to a neighbour’s cats so can’t live with them and i don’t like fireworks.

I am quite nervous and unsocialised so will need time to get to know my new family and trust them. I’d be better as an only pet in a child-free home.


What the Ark says about me

Amber has never shown aggression to people but has shown food aggression with the other dog in her home and they have to be fed separately. She’s fine in kennels and at the vets, is house-trained but has accidents now and again and can be left safely for up to 4 hours. She slept in the kitchen with the other dog and travels fine in the car. She pulls on the lead but is better on a chest harness, hasn’t been walked for a while but used to be ok off the lead. She likes all toys but will chew them too. She’s being rehomed separately from her friend Bobby as she bosses him and they tend to scrap. She cannot live with a cat.

Amber is reserved, awaiting collection.