Hello! I’m Bailey!

baileyI am a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, am approx nearly 8 years old  and am a medium-sized, mainly brindle dog with white chest and socks.

I’ve not been neutered but my vaccinations have are up to date. I’m fit and well and I eat a meat and complete diet.

I originally came to the Ark from another rescue where i’d been taken as a stray and was due to be put to sleep. I was homed quite quickly but have been returned because I have separation anxiety and can be destructive. Also, my owner was worried about the autistic boy next door who kept poking his hand through the hedge at me.

I ‘m very bouncy and friendly and like to be around people, am energetic and  nervy  and can be wary of strangers at first. I’m good at the groomers. It’s not known if I’ve lived with children but have met a 6 year-old and was very good. The people at the Ark don’t know if I’ve had any experience of mixing with other dogs or cats, so any introductions should be made with care, but I’ve been amongst horses at the Ark and was unfazed by them. I don’t like getting into cars and am stressed, shaking and whining until I’ve gone some distance and settled down. I don’t like my ears being touched.

It is possible I’ve suffered some trauma in the past, hence my current behaviour, or maybe it’s because my life has been very stressful and uncertain of late, but I really would like a calm home  where i’m loved and not left home alone.


What the Ark says about me

Bailey hasn’t shown any aggression while he’s been in rescue and is good in kennels. He’s clean in the house but doesn’t like being left but our trainer has been working with him and states improvements were being made. He will eventually settle in the car but it takes a while. He’s reasonable on the lead unless something attracts his attention but is good off the lead and has great recall. He loves his walks and has been having up to 4 a day. This boy has had a stressful time of late but he loves human contact and will blossom with some TLC.

Poor Bailey has been rather overlooked in favour of other dogs and is one of our longest-serving residents now. It’s such a shame his last rehoming didn’t work out as he’s a lovely boy who’s had a rough deal in life recently and badly needs stability and some sensitive, patient handling. he tends to bark on approach but this happens with dogs in kennels for any length of time, partly to protect what bit of territory is theirs and partly for a slice of any attention going round. Once he gets that attention he’s over the moon and quite excitable for a while. He needs somebody of his own to love him and help him put any demons well and truly in the past so that he feels secure again.

Bailey is Old Dog of the Week on Oldies Club website commencing 12/11/17  http://www.oldies.org.uk/2017/bailey-ark-animal-rescue-lincolnshire-coast-2