baileyBailey first came to the Ark in March 2017 from another rescue where he’d been taken as a stray and was due to be put to sleep. He was rehomed for a short time but proved to have separation anxiety and was also being teased by a neighbour’s child and his owners feared he may eventually retaliate. he’s an excitable boy who loved human attention and regularly barked whenever he saw somebody who looked as if they were approaching him. He shared accommodation with our permanent resident, Collie Isaac, in the hope that the company would calm him but it only seemed to succeed in setting Isaac off as well!

We were thrilled when a home was offered for him with plenty of land for him to run around in and he went off happily to start his new life. His new mum sent some photos telling us he was enjoying all that space.

Just look at that smile on his face!.

We’ve had a couple more photos to show how much Bailey is enjoying his life on the farm. He really is, isn’t hhe?