Banjo (was Nando)

banjoNando’s owners were buying a property abroad and would be travelling back and forth regularly and didn’t want him constantly disrupted. He was quickly snapped up and has been in his “new” home now for over a year. We’ve recently received an update on how Nando, now called Banjo, is doing:

“Just thought we’d do you a few words & photos for your ‘happy endings’ section of the website! Also wondered if you might contact Banjo’s former owners to let them know when it’s up, as I thought they might like to see how he’s getting on.

“Banjo is just lovely! He has transitioned from being an outside dog before to living inside with us really well. After a few chewed soft furnishings (which we didn’t really mind) we figured out to give him his own blanket, and he picked up really quickly the idea that this was the only thing he was allowed to chew on and is now a very good boy with his blanket. In fact, he likes to carry it around the house with him. The sight of him carrying a big blanket down two flights of stairs in the morning, at speed and without tripping himself up, is very impressive!

“He is terrific with the children and they are all very fond of each other – he has a particular affinity with our four-year-old as they both have the same amount of energy and enthusiasm for everything!

“Banjo and our other dog (also formerly of the ark!) have become very good friends and like to curl up together on our bed. This is particularly nice as they had both been only-dogs before, and clearly enjoy having each other around. They even play together quite a lot – impressive as one of them is 10 and the other 13!

“We love how he is so happy and excitable and loving (we all get regular lickings) and he loves cuddling up on our bed too.

“Thank you to the Ark and Banjo’s former owners for such a lovely boy”

A message has been sent to his old owners, so hopefully they’ll be delighted to see how well he’s doing..