Bear is one of last year’s kittens rescued with his siblings and feral mum, but was never rehomed and paired up with a kitten from another litter and eventually released onto the site. He has tamed up beautifully although kiki, the other kitten has remained more aloof. He’s friendly with people and loves other cats.. but wasn’t getting seen by potential adopters because he was free around the site. So we decided to make him Cat of the Month and it worked as he was adopted within a few day and gone to live with two children and a dog. They’ve just sent news of him and he’s proving a real success:

“.What a lovely boy he is, so loving! Him and the dog are still weighing each other up but the kids and us are so impressed with him ❤xx”

What a happy ending for little bear. He just needs to capture the heart of the dog and he’s sorted!