Hello! I’m Bess! (Also known affectionately as Mini Gorilla)



DATE OF ADMISSION:- 14th January ‘17

SEX:- Mare

AGE:- 16-17yrs

BREED:- Shetland

SIZE:- 9-10 hh

COLOUR:- Black

BROUGHT FROM:- Got as a companion

REASON FOR RESCUE:- Had had spinal surgery which Bess wouldn’t leave alone and needed strict rest



MEDICAL HISTORY:- Has Cushing’s disease, on medication

DIET:- She’s on a strict diet with restricted grazing

BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY:- She’s a typical Shetland temperament-wise and can be very greedy

LIKES:- Food!

DISLIKES:- Clippers

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:- Bess started life living in a high-rise flat, using the lift to go out! She’s been paired with Bounty.