Hello! I’m Bruno!

brunoI am a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Collie, am 8 months old and am a medium-sized tan and white dog.

I’ve not been neutered but my vaccinations are up to date. I’m fit and well and I eat meat and complete dry food.

I’d only been in my recent home for 6-8 weeks but my mum couldn’t handle me and my dad works away.

I ‘m very friendly, bouncy and playful affectionate dog I’ve not lived with children in my recent home but did in my previous one and have mixed fine with visiting grandchildren. I’ve not lived with another dog but am very friendly and playful when I meet them. I’ve not lived with cats and would probably chase them and I don’t like fireworks..

I’m still very young and need further training but am at an ideal age to learn. I need a family with plenty of time and energy. 


What the Ark says about me

Bruno has never shown any aggression and is good around food. Recent owner hasn’t taken him to the vets as has only had for a few weeks; got as a companion for wife while husband away but is too much to manage. He’s house-trained and can safely be left up to 5 hours and slept in his own bed. He travels well in the boot of the car, he pulls on the lead and wears a harness, is good off the lead and has fantastic recall. He plays with toys but chews them. Bruno is a typical puppy, lively and exuberant and just needs further lead and obedience training to make him a perfect family pet. He needs a family with energy to match his and the Collie in him would probably benefit from some mental stimulation as well.