Hello! I’m Busta! I’m Dog of the Month for December!

bustaI am a male Labrador, am 7 years old and am a large black dog.

I’ve been neutered and my vaccinations are up to date. I had a sore mouth and eye infection when I first came into rescue but both have been successfully treated and I’m now fit and well and I eat sensitive food soaked because eat dry biscuit too quickly.

I came to the Ark from another rescue as they’d been unable to rehome me.

I ‘m a lovely friendly boy with people, but I have been known to lunge  at another dog on the lead and have a tendency to be dominant. I need lots of exercise and a firm hand. I’ve lived with children aged 5 and 15 years and was very good with them. I seem fine with larger breed bitches  but have issues with some male dogs and small breeds. I’ve not lived with cats and will chase them. I don’t like the sound of the hoover..

I should ideally be an only dog unless somebody has a largish friendly bitch I could be introduced to.

What the Ark says about me

Busta hasn’t shown aggression to people but has fear aggression to small dogs and gets nervous and stressed in kennels. He’s good around food and good and bouncy at the vets. He’s house-trained and safe to be left for a few hours, isn’t great travelling loose in the car but travels well in a cage. He pulls on the lead and is a strong boy, wasn’t let off the lead in his previous home so his recall is selective. Bust needs a calm environment and somebody experienced who can handle and socialise him.

Busta has proved to be a really lovely boy. He’s good on the lead, doesn’t bark at the other dogs passing his kennel and has good recall. He would possibly be ok living with another dog with introductions. He loves his bed, doesn’t chew any bedding and loves his ball. His only issue is that he needs training around food as he’s obsessed with it. He’s been on 3 meals a day as he came n underweight and to he eats so fast that it’s gone in seconds. We’ve been feeding him on sensitive food and, to try and slow him down a bit, have been soaking it first. We’re now gradually taking him off the sensitive food but still soaking it. He’s a typical, friendly, bouncy Labrador and we can’t understand why he’s still with us.

Busta is reserved, awaiting home check.