grey_kittenA litter of feral kittens was brought to us in mid-July. They were very feral, little spitfires in fact, and we couldn’t get near them, but gradually, little by little they started to trust us more until we could think of rehoming them. Here’s one of them, now named Charlie, whose new mum has written to tell us how he’s getting along:

“We adopted a little grey kitten from you on the 19th August. Just to let you know he is doing fine. He is a feral kitten, but I am gradually winning him round. He is playing, eating and drinking fine. He is beautiful. I have a lot of patience, so taking little by little. I have sent you a photo of him yesterday looking very cute, but don’t be fooled by his cuteness, he is a little tiger.

“We still can’t pick him up, but we can stroke him now, and he is purring. We have started letting him out of his puppy pen, and he is very naughty, running up the curtains and sitting on top of the cupboards. I am getting there slowly, but he is starting to come round.”

Left to their own devices, these kittens would have grown into very wild, untouchable cats, but with the work we started and with the right patient owner to continue the work, they can turn into family pets.

We’ve had an update and more photos:

“Just an update on Charlie, feral kitten adopted from you on 19th August, he is coming on a treat.He has the run of the house, but we do put him in his puppy pen to sleep at night. He has been to the vets for a checkup, had first inoculation. He is back at vets in 2 weeks for final vaccination. The vet is going to give him a worm tablet for me, as he has just started to let me pick him up, so don’t want to lose his trust. He is a fantastic little man, and we love him to bits. He is perfect. Still making progress as he is still a little nervous, but we are getting there.”