Hello! We’re Coco & Porsche! We’re Cats of the Month for December!

coco_porscheWe are a mother and son. Porsche, the long-haired tabby is the mum of 2-3 years and Coco is a long-haired black boy of one year. Coco s the only surviving kitten when Porsche had to have a Caesarean section. We’re fit and well, Porsche was spayed when she had the section but Coco han’t been neutered and will be done soon, nor are we vaccinated. We eat dry Whiskas and need a new home due to the change in circumstances of our owner.

Coco can be playful and likes to play fight, play with toys and hunt, while Porsche is the more socialble cat, enjoys a fuss and also plays with toys. We’re both known to be good with children and other cats but have never lived with or met dogs..Coco doesn’t seem to have any dislikes but Porsche is more sensitive and can be wary in new surroundings. We’ve never shown any aggression and are both house-trained so can safely be left in with a litter tray, but have been trained to go out and have always been free to come and go. We had our own beds in the house but like to go outside too. We’ve always lived in a quiet area away from traffic so a need a similar safe environment and would really like to be rehomed together as we’ve never been separated.





What the Ark says about us

Porsche and Coco have a typical feline mother and con relationship- she’s very much the boss and Coco the naughty boy and she’ll tell him off if he annoys her or gets under feet. This has become more pronounced now they’re living in the more confined space of the cattery. Porsche likes all the attention and likes to be at the front of the queue for a fuss, so poor Coco sometimes finds himself pushed out of the way. She’s also a greedy girl and will leave her own treats to try and eat his first!She doesn’t like being picked but just loves to be stroked and she’s fine to be groomed which she needs regularly due to he long and thick fur. Coco equally likes attention and he also likes to be outside whereas Porsche is happy inside. They’re desperate for a new home now so they can spread themselves out a bit more. They love company so will flourish in a home where there’s more than one person to dole out the fuss. Despite the occasional spats, we think they’d miss each other so are still sticking out for a home together. It would be wonderful if that could be their Christmas present.