Hello! I’m Cooper!

Cooper arrived at the Ark in 2014 as a stray. He’s a short-haired black cat with a few white hairs on his chest and big white whiskers and we estimated him to be around 5 years then. He dribbled a lot and sat with his tongue out, which looked cute, but we suspected he had a problem as he was having trouble eating too. He went to the vets for neutering and they suspected he was suffering from an untreated previous injury, so he had a dental and his jaw was checked and sadly he had to have all his teeth removed. As a result he can only eat soft food and no biscuits.

Cooper is no lap cat but will allow some stroking on his terms. We have no idea if he’s had any past experience of living with children or other pets, although he would probably be fine with older children and seems to get along with the other cats. We kept him in and hoped he’d be adopted, but that didn’t happen unfortunately, so he was released onto the site. He’s now made his home in the rehoming cattery as one of our “corridor” cats, so he sleeps there and hangs around there but can come and go as he wishes during the daytime. One of his other haunts is around the office area. He never leaves the Ark site and can almost always be found around one of his two favourite places. He still sticks his tongue out slightly sometimes although it’s nowhere near as pronounced as it was and has stopped dribbling so we think his mouth and jaw are fairly comfortable now.

We would be more than pleased for him to be adopted but he seems very happy and settled with his life at the Ark now and is no trouble so we’re equally happy to have him stay with us. He can be sponsored.