Hello! I’m Elsa!


Elsa is a short-haired black and white female of 3 years. She had a road accident in March 2017 and suffered nerve damage. Her tail had to amputated and she’s been left with incomplete bladder control. She does sometimes use her litter tray but can also dribble urine wherever she is and sometimes her bladder has to be expressed manually. We have noticed that when she’s more active she can relieve her bladder better than when she’s inactive. She’s otherwise fit and well. Her owners have done everything possible to rehabilitate her but, with small children in the house, have found it difficult to manage hery bladder problems. She’s been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and eats both wet and dry food.

She’s a really lovely friendly cat, has lived with young children and always been good with them and has never shown any aggression. She’s also known to be good with other cats and dogs. She was completely house-trained before her accident and it was possible to leave her for a few hours as she used a cat-flap to go outside which she enjoyed doing. When in the house, she slept anywhere. We’re hoping somebody will be able to offer her a home who can accommodate her impaired bladder control which has gradually improved since her accident, but don’t know if it will improve any further now. She can live with other pets and would be more suitable with older children who would understand her problem. because of this, we’ve also featured her on our rehoming page but the reality is that she’ll probably be with us long-term, so she’s available to be sponsored.

Elsa has been released onto the site now and is loving it. She has explored every corner and pops up all over the place, usually whenever staff and volunteers are about. She’s so nosy and takes great interest in what we’re all doing and will follow us around the site from one job to another. Such a character. This life is ideal for her as her bladder problems just aren’t an issue. The only thing we have to watch is not to put our hand over her bladder area when picking her up or she wees down our legs!!





Elsa developed a lump on her tummy which turned out to be a mammary tumour and was removed. it was sent of for lab tests and came back as an aggressive cancer and the lump is already regrowning. Elsa is fit, eating and very much herself at the moment so we’re keeping her warm and pain-free. Eventually the time will come when she’ll need to be put to sleep but we’ll give her all the love and care she deserves until that time comes.