Hello! I’m GiGi!

gigiDATE OF ADMISSION:- 5th September ‘18

SEX:- Gelding

AGE:- 2yrs, born 2016

BREED:- Gypsy cob

SIZE:- 12hh, still growing


BROUGHT FROM:- Welsh Pony Rescue

REASON FOR RESCUE:- Was rehomed by Welsh Pony Rescue and returned due to change of owner’s circumstances. Came as companion and “pair of eyes” for Annie


MEDICAL HISTORY:- Fit and well

DIET:- Living out + hay

BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY:- Tame and manageable Needs to be free to run and likes to

LIKES:- Needs to be free to run and likes to break out of fences


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:- We brought Gigi to be a companion and guide for Annie, our blind horse, but he’s proved too lively  for her. We’re thinking of bringing him into some sort of work in the future.