Hello! Meet Holly!


hollyDATE OF ADMISSION:- November 2011

SEX:- Mare

AGE:- 20yrs

BREED:- Thoroughbred cross

SIZE:- 15.2hh

COLOUR:- Dark bay


REASON FOR RESCUE:- Marriage breakdown and owner could no longer afford to keep her


MEDICAL HISTORY:- She’d had broken pedal and cannon bones, from which she was completely recovered. When Holly came in she was on medication for navicular disease and also needed her legs wrapped every night to relieve pain and swelling. Slowly we have reduced these and she is now bute and wrap-free. She has shown no swelling or lameness and enjoys a much healthier life. If, in time, she needs medication again, she’ll be put on Devil’s claw before we use bute. She is also on rubber matting for her legs. Routine tests found she has Cushing’s disease so she’s now on daily medication for that

DIET:- Hay/haylage and chop. 16+ mix and calm and condition. She also has soya and veteran supplement

BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY:- She’s a lovely girl; she gets on well with all the other horses and is really well-behaved when leading her in and out or doing anything for her

LIKES:- Being groomed and being pampered, including having baths in the spring and summer