Jack came to us via boarding kennels after his elderly owner had a stroke. He’d been used to living with somebody who probably never left him so he didn’t settle in homes where he was left. He came back to us twice, each time his separation anxiety worse than the time before. So we knew his only chance of happiness was in a home where he wouldn’t be left.

His new home has three generations living there so there’s always somebody at home. And this seems to be the answer. They’ve written to tell us how he’s getting on:

“Hi all at the Ark,
Just a quick note and photos to let you know how Jack is getting on. He’s settled well and claimed a sofa for himself.  He has met everyone including lot of neighbours and their dogs. He now will sleep with two of the cats… When they let him. He keeps herding the sheep, which he loves. They are not so keen. Thanks for your help.”

He sounds happy at last. All this lovely boy wants is to be with people and it looks like his dream has come true. Don’t mess this one up Jack! Homes like this aren’t ten a penny.