Hello! We’re Jasper & Lucas!


jasper_lucasWe’re brothers of 6-7 years and black and white, short-haired cats although Lucas has slightly longer fur than Jasper. We’re fit and well but both have runny eyes which the vet has checked and said they’re fine, have been neutered but not vaccinated and eat both wet and dry food. Our owner’s work commitments and divorce have forced her to give us up for adoption.

We’re both friendly cats with lovely temperaments and have never shown any aggression. We’re known to be good around older children, but keep away from younger ones, are fine with other cats and dogs. We even slept with the Cockapoo we lived with. We’re house-trained so can safely be left in all day with a tray. Jasper doesn’t like outdoors and won’t venture out unless the door is left open but Lucas likes to go out. We’re very close and would like to be rehomed together.





What the Ark says about us

Jasper and Lucas are litter brothers and very close. They’re lap cats once they get to know you but can be shy at first, especially Lucas. Jasper is the outgoing one but Lucas likes cuddles. They gain comfort from each other and like to cuddle up together too. They can suffer from a pollen allergy in summer and get runny eyes but are otherwise really fit and healthy. There’s no way we can separate these boys so we’re looking for a home where they can stay together.