Hello! I’m Katie! I’m Cat of the Month for January!

katieCould be a house cat.

I’m a short-haired tabby and white female of 7 years. I’m fit and well and haven’t been vaccinated nor is it confirmed at present if I’ve been spayed. I’m going for a check to see if I’ve been done and will be spayed if necessary. I eat wet food and biscuits and am looking for a new home because the lady who was looking after me claimed I was asking to be let out at night.

I’m very nervous of strangers and prefer women, but don’t like men or children. However, once I’ve had time to get to know people I’m a friendly cat. I’ve no known experience of dogs and other cats. I’ve not shown any aggression.and have always preferred to go outside for toileting purposes, but am using my litter tray well at the Ark.so can be left in for most of the day if necessary. I have been kept in for sleeping at night but would prefer to be outside. I was rescued as a stray originally so am probably very used to living an outside life. I need a home where I can come and go at will, possibly via a cat flap and in a safe area where I can explore. I’d prefer a female only, child-free home..



What the Ark says about me

Now that Katie has been with us for a while, we’ve found her to be a laid back, adaptable girl. She’s very clean and uses her litter tray well and we’ve detected no problems with her toileting. She’d prefer a quiet home and would be happy as a house cat. If she knows you have treats  for her, she’ll suddenly become your best friend! Other cats bully her for some reason so she’d be much happier as an only cat. She’s such a sweet-natured girl and would suit an older person. We were told she’s 7 years, but looks older, possibly nearer 10 years. She’s cat flap trained but does tend to wander into the road so needs a safe environment if she’s to go outside.