kellerKeller came to us from another rescue where he’d been taken due to his owner’s ill-health. He proved to be a gentle giant and was good with everybody and everything, so he wasn’t long before finding his new home. His new family has reported on his first couple of days with them:

“Keller is settling in. My other 2 labs have taken to him even the 14 year old diva and they have sorted out the pecking order. .   Size is not everything!!! The house is split in 2 with a barricade cats one side Keller the other after a lot of spitting and chasing the first day!!! We actually managed to sniff  one this morning and both of them remained cool for a whole minute.  . The cat then sauntered back upstairs so think normality will resume before a week is out….The cats want to lie by the stove again!!! He is such a lovely boy and slowly realising this is home ”

We’re sure we’ll be hearing more of this lovely boy’s progress in his new home.

Indeed we did and have received an update and two more photos recently:

“Thought you might like to know how Keller is doing. He is a wonderful dog! Very inquisitive and likes to be involved in everything. Best pals with the  cats now and donkeys and even Hermann the tortoise. Chickens not so keen!!! Helps me in the field, very good at moving stuff about and has a big collection of large branches jolly balls and tyres to carry round!

“And has taught the other dogs about sofa sleeping! Taking him for an outing to Belton horse trials this weekend . . Hopefully we won’t get too involved in the x country!”