Hello! I’m Kiara!


i am a male lop-eared rabbit, white with black and peach markings and am 1 ½ – 2 years old. I make a wheezy noise when breathng for which I’d been given medication with no effect, but the Ark vet found I have a floppy soft palate which causes the noise. I’ve been vaccinated and will be neutered imminently and eat nuggets and fresh fruit/veg etc. I’m in need of a new home because my owner couldn’t cope with any more litters.

I’m not great at being handled but am ok. I bit mys owner when being given medication but have otherwise shown no aggression. I’ve lived with children and small dogs but not cats and lived in a hutch outside


Kiara has now been neutered.

Kiara was rehomed and bonding with his new female companion was going well when he suddenly attacked her for no obvious reason, so sadly he’s been returned.