Hello! I’m Larry!


larryI am a male Lurcher (Collie X Greyhound X German Shepherd), am 8/9 months old  and am a large tan and white dog.

I’ve not been neutered but my vaccinations are up to date I’m fit and well and I eat a meat and complete diet.

I was picked up as a stray and taken to a dog pound, transferred to another rescue and then on to the Ark.

I’m still very puppyish in behaviour and will jump up, am very friendly, extremely lively and full of energy. I’m known to be fine with other dogs but it’s not known if I’ve any experience of children, although I’m so bouncy I shouldn’t live with younger ones. I’ve not been cat tested but will almost certainly chase them.

I need a very active home with lots of exercise and mental stimulation and with somebody who can instill some manners into me. I should only live with older children.

What the Ark says about me

Larry hasn’t shown any aggression and is good around food and at the vets. He’s clean in his kennel so is probably house-trained and travels well in the car on the back seat. He’s fine having his lead and coat put on and taken off and seems quite good on the lead. He will sit and wait but still has lots to learn about good manners and will need a firm hand. He’ll chase a ball but hasn’t yet mastered retrieving it. He needs an owner with lots of time and energy to train him and exercise him. He has a great zest for life and needs all that energy channelling.

Larry is a bouncy pup who is in training and making good progress. He will do anything for treats. He eats sensitive dry food mixed with Chappy. His lead training is coming along well  and he doesn’t chew his bedding. He doesn’t like being shut out in the grass runs; he used to jump jump over the fence, but has stopped that now although he’s prone to chewing fence panels, so he’s going to need a very secure garden.He gets along fine with other dogs but has a load of energy so doesn’t tire easily and will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. He’s a lovely friendly and cuddly boy who deserves a nice home.

Larry was rehomed but sadly returned after a few days when his new family realised they couldn’t put in the work and attention he needs. We have now established that he’s very clean in the house, though, despite having spent most of his life in kennels. He needs somebody who has the time to exercise him, play with him and put in the work required to train him. An experienced owner would be an advantage.