luluLulu was recently returned to the Ark because her elderly owner had gone into a care home. All our information about her pointed at her being 17 but her activity levels make this difficult to believe. This why she’s resting or asleep in her photos as it’s the only time she’ll keep still enough to be caught on camera! She travelled all the way to the South coast to her new home and her new dad is thrilled with her:

“Just to let you know Lulu is doing great. Bags of energy! We’ve been for a couple of walks in the woods near here (where almost no dogs go, because of her kennel cough) – can’t take her on the Fire Hills just yet, get lots of dogs up there sometimes and we’ve been for walks around here in the quiet streets, but she does love open spaces so it will be good when her cough is gone.

“She has a great appetite and I just cooked her some fresh food which she loved. (Angus beef mince, carrots, beans, sweet potato and plain porridge oats for fibre). Wolfed it down and is now asleep on the sofa

“Her cough is getting better slowly, less and less every day now. She is terribly affectionate and loves watching tv with me on the sofa, and came and sat in the studio when I did a bit of work yesterday. Also she loves playing with one of those “raggy” toys as I call them, playing fetch with it. She loves it! Paddy my cat is cautious but is now sitting on the sofa next to her, and Lulu is great, doesn’t chase her or anything so that’s going to be fine.

“Thank you so much for letting me give her a home, she is the most adorable dog! I will call the vets tomorrow about her shots and see what they say re: the kennel cough etc and let you know what they say. Attached are some more pics. The last one was taken about half hour ago after her fresh food. Zonked out bless her.

“I’ve registered the microchip account and am going to call the insurers tomorrow to get the insurance carried on after the five weeks. Seems like quite good cover for the money bearing in mind her age.”

Lulu settled in quickly and found the sofa almost immediately! She seems so excited to be there and is wearing her new dad out, demanding four walks a day by taking her lead to him. What a character! And what a dog at her age!