Maisie, former name Maize, is an ex-Romanian dog that came to us from another rescue and was quite nervous. Her new family took their time getting to know her before taking her home and have now written to tell us how she’s getting on:

“We have now had Maisie for 4 weeks and cannot believe the difference in her. She is so happy, settled, loving and gentle. She loves Ella our other dog who we adopted from the Ark and Ella loves her. Maisie was so worried and nervous in the kennel but now each day she seems to do something new and greets every day with enthusiasm. She makes us laugh with her antics and her confidence is building although she does still get spooked. She has fitted so well into our home and hopefully we will be able to enjoy her for many years to come. Thank you for letting us adopt her.”

It’s so good to hear of progress in a dog that had such a bad start to her life.