Meggie, as we knew her, came into the Ark back in April as a stray and heavily pregnant. She had six beautiful kittens and stayed with us while she nursed them and was able to be spayed. Her new family has written to tell us how she’s getting on:

“Masha (Meggie at your end) has settled very well. She is mainly lounging around during the day. At times she is working on matters academic helping me to write books and articles and to prepare my university lectures. She does this by sleeping on my computer desk and lying on my notes! 🙂

“She goes out for her little strolls when it’s dark and uses her cat door. She also loves playing with her new toys at night. It is a little pink ball with attached feathers and a rattling mouse. We hear her going mad downstairs in the middle of the night! She turned out to be a very smart little thing. I taught her to sit and to shake paw; and she is excellent in communicating with humans. Masha is super tidy and organised. She only uses her tray once in a while and mainly goes out for all her business. She is very particular with her scratching post as well so that we have no bad behaviour problems.

“We feed her Purina Gourmet, both dry and wet, as well as some cat’s milk as a treat. She loves her food!

“Thank you so much for this lovely fur ball!”

It sounds as if Masha is concentrating on her own education now that she’s finished teaching her kittens and she’s proving what a clever girl she is!