Hello! Meet Matilda!



DATE OF ADMISSION:- November 2014

SEX:- Mare

AGE:- Late teens

BREED:- Donkey


COLOUR:- Brown


REASON FOR RESCUE:- Save from ill-treatment

NEUTERED:- No, gave birth to a filly in 7th August 2015


MEDICAL HISTORY:- Fit and well

DIET:- Hard feed and loves carrots and ginger biscuits

BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY:- A lady with attitude but has mellowed and will no allow cuddles to her head

LIKES:- Ginger biscuits

DISLIKES:- Hates the farrier and has to be sedated, hates back end touching and will kick out

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:- We got Matilda as companion for our donkeys, Sidney and Jon-Jo but, since the boys were adopted, her best friend has been Madonna. She’s much less grumpy than she was but is still nervous on occasions. We’ve seen big improvements in her temperament and hope to see more as past memories hopefully recede.





What we didn’t know when Matilda arrived was that she was just pregnant, so we didn’t know when she was due. Donkey pregnancies can be quite elastic and she grew very large and we’ve been on high alert expecting a foal for about two months. But at last, in the early hours of 6th August, little Pollyanna arrived safely and is a little beauty. Look at the last photo and see how she’s grown in just 9 months!