We received the following message via Facebook this week and it’s such a lovely story that we felt we should share it with all our readers, along with a few of the photos sent:

“In 2009 I was ten years old and I had never had a dog of my own. Because of circumstance, I never really had a family dog either and I remember how jealous I was of anyone who even got to stroke a dog. In 2009, my dad brought me to your kennels and that’s where I saw Mizzy and everything changed. I fell in love with her instantly and around 3 days later I came back with my Mum and we took her! I still remember the collar she came home in (yellowy brown) and her blue rope lead and that she cost £80 exactly. The first place we took her wasn’t actually our house but our Grandma’s who Mizzy loved very much. At my Grans (who sadly passed away the other year) I remember my little brother spilling over an entire jar of chocolates and toffees and how Mizzy just sat still and didn’t dart for them: my Mum was so impressed. A few years later and I can’t say the same thing would happen now. I’ve had Mizzy in my life for so long, she’s been with me from primary school to college and she’ll hopefully see me to uni. She’s never failed to cheer me up or give me a reason to wake up in the morning. I love absolutely everything about her. I love her paws and how they’re pink and black. I love her claws which are in some strange black and white pattern. I love how she’s 13 but runs like she’s 4 and I love how she snores and grumbles and her very strange bark. I just wanted to thank you for bringing her into my life. I can’t imagine anything without her or coming home to silence instead of her clattering claws as she runs up to me. Thank you so much, This strange little creature has taught me so much and brought nothing but joy in to my life”

Thank you Nina for taking the trouble to tell your and Mizzy’s story. It’s things like this that make our job so worthwhile.