Hello! I’m Ophelia!

House cat

I’m a female Bengal cross of 2 years. I came into the Ark with another cat, now rehomed, because our owner had gone back to work full-time and no longer had enough time for us.. I’m fit and well, have just been spayed but am not vaccinated and I eat both wet and dry food.

I’ve not been socialised and was very shy and timid and would hide away as soon as approached. I’ve not shown any aggression but am scared of dogs, don’t like other cats and have no experience of children. I’d only been in my recent home for 3 months, having been rehomed privately. I lived in the same house as other cats but we were all kept in separate rooms in the house and have been kept as house cats. and  haven’t been outside. I’m litter-trained so can be left. I shared a pen at the Ark with Iris till she was rehomed and seemed ok. I’ve since shared a pen with Spring and Walter, both originally semi-feral cats and we’re getting along fine., so could possibly be rehomed with another cat after careful introductions. I’ll take time and patience to really bring round but I’m chilling out nicely already.