Peggy & Hermione

peggyTwo young females, who we named Delilah and Dakota arrived at the Ark with their kittens, found in an old barn about to be demolished by the new owners of the property. They were so alike and such striking cts they had to be sisters and to have been somebody’s pets. So were were pleased when the two mums were rehomed to the same family after spaying, albeit in different places. Now called Peggy and hermione, Peggy is living on a boat and both girls are settling in fine according to Peggy’s new mum:

“A big thank you for all your help with our lovely cat Peggy. I just wanted you to know that she travelled down with me to Portsmouth on Monday with no fuss, very happy in the traveling box and has settled in very well, she seems very much at home on our boat. She is getting along well with our little dog Archie too!

“We had a pitstop at my daughter’s house, she has Hermione. I have included a photo of our boat too. She is obviously comfortable as this morning she was playing with her toy mouse and balls and even attempted to chase Archie! She is a pure delight to have.

“Thanks again!”

Peggy isn’t the first animal we’ve rehomed to live on a boat but it certainly doesn’t happen often!