Meet Petra!



Petra was found dumped outside the Ark in a box with her kittens who were only about two weeks old, back in April 2011. She was quite young then and estimate her to be about 6-7 years now.

She was quite an affectionate girl and once she’d weaned her kittens and been spayed was rehomed, but didn’t settle and was unhappy in a confined space, so when she suddenly freaked out, she was returned.

We came to the conclusion that she was probably semi-feral or had become so as a result of her experiences and so was happier living more independently, so we released her onto the site and she’s now very happy living at the Ark, sleeping in the cat cabin but being free to do as she wishes during the day.

She gets along with the other cats, having her own little group she prefers to mix with, and it is possible to get a cuddle from her if approached carefully, but she’s a timid girl and it’s very much on her terms. If she doesn’t want attention, she shows no aggression but simply freezes and we know to respect her wishes. She’ll probably stay at the Ark now and is no longer up for adoption, but she’s happy with the feline company she keeps and her lifestyle where bed, board and meals are all laid on for free!



Tipsey is not at the Ark but remaining in her own home in Lincoln till adoption. If you’re interested in offering her a home, please contact the Ark using our contact form or telephone the Ark on 01507 358140.