phoebePhoebe, aged 16 years, came to the Ark because her owner had gone into a home. She used to be a farm cat but moved in with an elderly couple about 5 years ago, so obviously decided she wanted a few home comforts as she got older, and now prefers to be indoors. She’s let us know how she’s getting on in her new home:

“Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing great in my new home!
When I got to this new home, I did a little exploring but settled on my new owners bed for the first few nights, but I don’t think my owners liked it as I would wake them up at 4/5am for some breakfast, I mean it’s not too early and I’m hungry. I now have my own little place on the sofa with my own blanket that I sleep on.
I like it here. As I can sleep all day and not get disturbed and then I get lots of yummy Dreamies on a night time.
“My owners have decided that they will celebrate my birthday on Halloween as I’m black and orange, so apparently I’m going to have a little party, but I’d much rather be sleeping
“But thank you for letting me go to my new home!
Love Phoebe”

Once again Phoebe has gone for a life of comfort and she looks very comfortable there!