quintusPatch came to the Ark looking for a new home  due to a child in his family being allergic to him. He was rehomed very quickly and we’ve recently received news of how he’s getting on:

“Just thought we’d update you on Patch…who has now been re-named as Quintus (blame my husband and his love of Roman books for that one!!).

“He’s been with us for 3 weeks but already a huge part of the family. We’re treating his skin infection and it’s clearing up a treat. He’s also been neutered. He’s a super explorer…not content with his own room, he is not a fan of a closed door so as you can tell from one of the pics, he flops against the doors so we can’t close them. He definitely doesn’t like thinking he’s missing out so always bounding around the house.

“We’re just starting the process of bonding him with Cleopatra who was looking a tad lonely (another rescue bun). So far, it’s looking really promising…there’s been a few bunny kisses and no sign of aggression.

“Quintus is an absolute star really. He’s so gentle and loving and particularly fond of regular cuddles.

“Thank you so much for letting me know about him…he’s a special little man. Hope you like the photos too. We think you guys do an amazing job!”

Sounds like a characterful rabbit who knows what he wants. Let’s hope the bonding with Cleopatra goes well.