Hello! I’m Ralph!

ralphI am a male Dachshund X Terrier, am 1 1/2 years old  and am a small tan dog.

I’ve not been neutered but my vaccinations are up to date. My paws sometimes sweat and have been treated with anti-inflammatories. I came into the Ark underweight but am otherwise fit and well and I eat a complete dry food.

I’d been in my recent home since earlier this year, having been rehomed from the Ark, but have started biting my owner and children over the last few weeks now, so have been returned.

I ‘ve been a friendly dog until recently, have lived with children of 12 and 15 years and was fine with them initially. I’ve not lived with another dog or cat and am unknown around them.

I’ve not been my normal happy self recently but have been unable to explain what has upset me. I think I need somebody who understands terriers and give me the exercise and stimulation i need to fulfil me in a calm child-free environment.

What the Ark says about me

Ralph has shown aggression when cornered to be caught and after being tapped on the nose when told off. He’s ok at the vets but hates going to the groomer. He’s house-trained and has been left all day in a cage where he also slept at night. He travels fine in the car, pulls on the lead and has no recall. Something has upset Ralph recently and he now needs a calm, experienced home without children.