bootsieBootsie, as we knew him at the Ark was found hopping down a busy road with his brother when they were only about 3 months old. They were rescued and lived together for a while till they started fighting. When neutering them didn’t do the tric, Bootsie came to the Ark for rehoming. He was a lovely calm boy at the Ark but has taken a while to settle in his new home and shown his less calm side! 

“Bootsie was renamed Reboot but still gets called Bootsie or Boots, it suits him.
His character as described by the Ark was calm … he is calming down a little now. He is a typical young rabbit, full of go and mischief and by the end of ten days I was wondering about bringing him back to the rescue because he was so hyper. Then I made a call to top animal behaviourist Dr Anne McBride who, having listened to his story put us on a training program and one week one the difference is amazing … we no longer want to murder each other!(joke) Apparently Reboot is an exceptionally intelligent rabbit and a prime candidate for training the many tricks rabbits can learn so, with Anne’s help, I’m hoping we have a bright future together.”

Will we be seeing him on Britain’s Got Talent before long???