Hello! I’m Rosie!

rosieI am a short-haired tabby and white female of 13 years.I tend to get cystitis when stressed but am otherwise fit and well, have been spayed and just had my vaccinations updated. I have come in because my family is moving into temporary accommodation prior to a house move and can’t take me.

I’m a very anxious and nervous girl, don’t like lots of noise which makes me nervous, am known to be good with children, don’t like dogs and am ok with some cats but have never shown any aggression. I’m house-trained so can safely be left in and sleep indoors although I like access to outside. I’m most suited to a quiet, calm home where I can enjoy a garden.



Rosie has chilled out since her arrival and is much more relaxed. She’s using her litter tray well and goes outside in her run.



What the Ark says about me

Rosie has mellowed since coming into the ark. She still will let you know quite firmly if you’ve overstepped the mark in giving her too much fuss and attention but is now much more amenable to being stroked and will come to you for it. She’s a fussy eating, seeming to love a pouch of food one day and turning her nose up at it the next but she likes to graze on biscuit during the day. She’s using her litter tray but can sometimes miss it when doing a poo but this is easily remedied by placing the tray on paper that can easily be disposed of. After all, she’s an elderly lady and has earned the right to a few misdemeanours! She’d be perfect as a companion cat as long as she weren’t expected to be a constant lap cat.Rosie is reserved, awaiting collection.