Hello! We’re Roy & Sid! We’re Cats of the Month for January!


We’re short-haired brothers of 3-4 years old, both grey but Roy is slightly darker than Sid. We’refit and well and have both been neutered but not vaccinated and we eat Felix As Good As It Looks and Royal Canin Indoor dry food and are very partial to tuna. We’ve been in the Ark before at the beginning of 2017 because of our owners splitting up. We were adopted but have been returned as we were weeing and spraying in the house.

We’re extremely friendly cats; Roy is very outgoing and seems to adjust to any situation immediately while Sid is more cautious but doesn’t take long. We’ve lived with a 5 year-old child and were good, have only lived with each other and our sister but Roy could fight with her and we haven’t been around other cats or mixed with dogs. Neither of us has shown any aggression. We were house-trained in our previous home and have only started spraying in our recent home so maybe there was somethere there that upset us that we can’t explain. We’ve been kept mainly as house cats although we were allowed in the garden but never ventured any further. We’re very close and are being rehomed together.

Since coming back to the Ark we have used our litter tray without accidents and have not done any spraying. We’re extremely affectionate and crave attention and really would make lovely companions.




Roy and Sid have to go together and remain as house cats as they carry the microplasma virus which can be passed on to other cats in the form of cat flu, so need to remain indoors and not mix with other cats. They can also suffer from a resurgence of the flu if they become stressed for any reason. We’re making them Cats of the Month jointly along with Nutmeg who also carries the virus and must be indoor, only cats. We are still asking for the normal adoption donation but in addition will give their new owners a voucher to be used at our vets (Eastfield Vets in North Thoresby or Cleethorpes) at any time during the first year after adoption to treat any issues resulting from the presence of the virus or cat flu. Anybody requiring further information, please get in touch.