Hello! I’m Sam! I’m Dog of the month for April!

samI am a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier X ?Labrador, am 3 1/2 years old and am a medium-large mainly white dog with brindle patches.

I’ve been neutered and my vaccinations are up to date. I’m fit and well and I eat Wagg complete dry food.

i’d been in my recent home since I was a puppy and lived peacefully with a spayed female dog but have recently become dominant over her and started picking fights.

I ‘m a bouncy, lively and friendly boy and I love water. I’ve not lived or mixed with children, have always been good with other dogs both at home and when out but recently started attacking the the other dog in the house. I’m still ok with dogs when out though. I’ll chase cats.

It’s looking like I want all the attention in my home so I shouldn’t live with another dog and am best not with young children or cats as I’ve no experience of living with them but I would probably be fine with older children, especially if they’ll play with me..


What the Ark says about me

Sam has never shown any aggression to people, only to the dog he lived with. He’s good with food and will sit and give his paw and is good in kennels and loves the vets. He’s house-trained and can be left for several hours. He slept in a crate in the kitchen and loves his crate and loves travelling in the car. He walks on a Halti as he pulls, has been off the lead when there are no dogs around and recalls to his name. He loves tennis balls but can chew some toys. Sam has great enthusiasm for life but must be rehomed an only dog, with no cats or young children.

Sam is a lovable chap and very playful. He chews normal toys and his coats, although he doesn’t swallow them, so we give him a solid football to play with which he adores. He’d be your best friend for life if you kept him supplied with them! He likes to roll in mud and water, (which can be seen by the state of him in the recent photos!) He’s on sensitive food, any kind, while he’s in kennels as he developed diarrhoea after coming to us, but could probably go back onto ordinary food once settled in a new home. He sits very well for his meals He’s not keen on the other dogs around him but copes much better outside the kennel environment and when out on walks. He’s good on his lead. He’s getting bored in kennels now so we give him as much time as possible each day out in the exercise areas where he can play. He needs routine and will love cuddles once in a home. Sam is desperate for a home of his own and lots of love and fun.