Hello! I’m Scooby! I’m Dog of the Month from June-July!

scoobyI am a male Ridgeback X Whippet, am 12 years old  and am a large but slender tan dog.

I’ve been neutered but my vaccinations have now lapsed and are being updated. I’m fit and well and I eat a meat and complete diet.

I was rescued and taken home by my owner’s son after he witnessed me being ill-treated and about to be thrown over a fence by my collar and I’ve been there ever since. Unfortunately now my owner has ill-health and can’t look after me.

I ‘m a lovely friendly boy, still lively for my age and I love a cuddle on the sofa in the evenings. I’ve not mixed with children and don’t like cats. I’ve not mixed much with dogs and am nervous and stressed  and will bark at them when I see them, but I can be calmed with reassurance and a treat.. I particularly don’t like my neck touching or my collar pulling  and am nervous of having my lead put on due to my previous bad treatment treatment.

I’m still quite lively so need an owner able to give me the exercise I still enjoy, but I’d rather have a quiet home without other animals as it’s what I’m used to. I mustn’t live with children due to my neck/collar issues.

What the Ark says about me

Scooby hasn’t shown any aggression unless his neck area is touched and is nervous at the vets and requires a muzzle for examinations. He’s house-trained and can safely be left for 3-4 hours but no more. He slept in his own bed with a blanket and travels ok in the car. He pulls on the lead, hasn’t been let off the lead so has no recall. He chews his toys so is given a marrowbones instead which he loves and will throw around and run around with it. Scooby needs a quiet but still quite active retirememt home with no children and as an only pet.

Why Scooby hasn’t found a home yet is a mystery. He may be older, but he’s proved to be such a loving dog who loves attention from people. He’s taken a little getting to know but now he’s such an affectionate lad. We’ve not had any issues with him being sensitive in the neck/collar area and have been able to touch him there and put on and take of collars and leads without a problem or even stroke and ruffle his fur there, although we didn’t do it till he knew and trusted us. As an older boy, he likes to chill out but is still quite energetic when he wants to be. He’s been fine around other dogs and walks nicely on the lead. He prefers a flat bed to a plastic one. What’s not to like about this lovely dog? he’s a real gentleman and deserves a lovely new home for his autumn years.