Little Sophie’s elderly owner died and she was taken in by a friend, but she worked long hours and Sophie, not used to being left alone, wasn’t happy, so she came to the Ark looking for somebody who whould be around most of the time – and she found them!

“Thought you’d like an update on Sophie, or Flo as we call her. She’s doing great, eating very well and gradually regaining weight, we’ve only had one ‘accident’ in the house and she loves going into the garden and spends quite some time out there probably even more in the summer. She gets on with our other two dogs, cat and the two rabbits fine although she does like to chase the cat on occasions which doesn’t bother him too much he just jumps out of the way. We have found that if you bring a plate of food into the living room then she’s immediately next to you barking until you give in and give her a taster. She does that so well that we wonder if in a past home she did that as a matter of routine. Although she is almost deaf and hasn’t got the best eye sight she gets along just fine, very quickly learned when the treat jar has been opened. As you see in the photo she always gets prime position on the bed either for an afternoon snooze or for the whole night, mind you we have to lift her on and off the bed, she barks to get helped on and then the same to be lifted off. She’s had a couple of check-ups plus blood tests at the vets; although she has a few medical problems nothing too unusual for a dog of her age. Next Friday she’s back at the vets for some dental work, she’ll no doubt be losing some of her teeth. To finish on she’s a very comical little dog with the oddest bark, which I’m getting at the moment while writing to you – she no doubt wants her tea. She’s fitted in so well with us and our pets, she certainly is a joy to have around even with her slightly odd behaviour at times. She’s a little love.”

It’s always sad to see elderly dogs come in who have lost the only home they’ve known but such a joy to see them settled in a new home with people who love them. That’s all they ask.