Hello! We’re Tigger & Jake!


We are short-haired brothers of 9-10 years old. Tigger is all tabby while Jake is tabby and white. Both of us are fit and well and have been neutered but not vaccinated. Jake tends to eat his food very quickly and is then sick, so he eats from a special bowl (provided) to slow down his eating and is fed on Royal Canin Digestive and is then fine. Tigger can eat anything but has been eating the same as Jake. We are looking for a new home because our owners are moving abroad.

Tigger is very gentle and outgoing while Jake is timid and needs to gain trust first and neither of us has shown any aggression. We’re good with children, have lived with two dogs and been fine with them but haven’t really met many cats where we lived so are unknown around them. We’re house-trained and are cat-flap trained, slept together on a shared bed and like access to outside but didn’t stray much from the garden. We  have always been together and Jake is quite dependent on Tigger so we’d like to be rehomed together.





What the Ark says about us

Both cats are very affectionate and get along fine with other cats. They like to go out as well as stay in and they sleep together and groom each other. We’re not sure how much their food costs but a bag lasts for ages. They would make good family pets or equally for an older person who wants some company. Tigger likes to be picked up and cuddled.