Hello! We’re Toby & Minnie!



We are short-haired cats, a male and a female. Toby is black and 5 years old and Minnie is black and white and 4 years old. Apart from Toby having occassional breathlessness as a result of an operation when he was a kitten, we’re both fit and well and have both been neutered and vaccinated. We eat wet food in the mornings and dry food in the evenings and are looking for a new home because our owners have moved to China to work.

We’ve never shown any aggression and are both friendly and love cuddles, (although a little shy at the moment while we get used to our new surroundings) and Toby likes to sit on shoulders while Minnie prefers high up places. We’ve not lived with children or dogs and have only mixed with each other and no other cats. We’re house-trained so can safely be left in with a litter-tray and have been kept as  house cats and have never been outside. Minnie likes her own bed but Toby wees on his so doesn’t have one. We’ve only really known life with each other so would like to be rehomed together. 



Toby & Minnie reserved, awaiting home check.