Tom & Tink

tom_tinkTom & Tink are two of Bella’s kittens. She came in with a parasite in her gut which she unfortunately passed on to her kittens so they all had to be treated. it took these two a while to recover and so they’re smaller than one would expect for their age but gradually catching up now. Tink is the fluffy one and a girl. Their new mum has written to let us know how they’re doing:

“Tink’s diarrhoea has now cleared up, they’re both doing well. They have settled in really nicely, they are still small but are growing; Tink now weighs 0.7kg and Tom 0.8kg. I have included some pictures and would like to thank everyone at the Ark for all of the hard work, advice and everything.”

These little ones had a bad start in life but it’s good to see they’re now recovered and thriving.