Vespa came to the Ark in January of this year. Her owner had taken her to the vets to be put to sleep but they refused to put a healthy cat down and we were asked to to take her. She’s now settled in her new home and enjoying a new and happy lease of life. Her owner has written to tell us all about her:

“Vespa had a full MOT a couple of weeks ago (under anaesthetic because she’s feisty and won’t comply with vet’s wishes). The outcome is that Vespa doesn’t have crystals in her bladder (as was thought), thank goodness (this would have meant a special diet for 6 weeks, yet she’s sensitive to ordinary cat food and might not have coped), but she does have a bacterial infection, and I’m giving her antibiotic tablets for one week, crushed in her food. The vet said numerous things could cause the infection – simply being outside associating with the elements; possibly a lowered immune system due to her sensitive tummy, or due to insufficient vitamin intake. I’d also wondered if Vespa had been drinking enough, so I’ve started adding a few teaspoons of water to her wet food during the day, and I think this has also helped. I’m waiting for a delivery of vitamin chews to give Vespa on a daily basis, especially on days when I give her chicken, salmon or mackerel for her tea instead of the complete wet food. So hopefully the infection will soon clear up.

“Vespa is not one for posing for the camera, but I’ve attached a few photos of her which I hope you like. We love her to bits and we think she’s very happy with us, as far as we can tell for a cat!”

It’s a safe bet that Vespa is getting much more love and care in her new home than she did in her last one, where she’d have been put to sleep if her owner had had their way. She’s had a lucky escape and now has the chance to know what real love is.