Missing, Lost or Found Pets.

From time to time, people contact us about their pets that have gone missing and we are always happy to feature them on this page. We will need a clear photo and good information e.g. where and when lost, colour, markings, any distinguishing features, size, breed, age, sex, whether wearing a collar and tag and if microchipped. Any other information which may help is also useful as well as any contact details the family is willing to be posted on the site.We will leave the information on as long as it is needed but would appreciate you letting us know if your pet is found, whatever the outcome. If not you may be contacted from time to time for an update and we apologise in advance if this causes any distress but it is important that we keep the page up to date and ensure animals that are still being actively searched get maximum exposure.

Information given to us about any missing animal will also be posted up at the Ark for staff reference when any animal is brought in or reported found.

Missing believed stolen from the RAF Binbrook Heritage Centre, Binbrook airfield, Lincolnshire 23/6/2018.

GEORGE is a neutered male snow leopard bengal about 9 years old. Nick in left ear, steel operation pin in rear left leg joint, blue eyes.

KC microchipped.
Found at Ludborough near Louth when he vanished in January.
Registered with Eastfield Vets. North Thoresby near Grimsby

He has been found near Newark before now and he DIDN’T walk there !

George is named after Lancaster “G” George of 460 Squadron RAAF which flew 90 operations from RAF Binbrook during WWII.

He is known and loved by visitors, veterans and their families across the globe.

He is a very good hunter and can feed himself if there is prey to hand.

There are a lot of people looking for him.

Any sightings, please call me.

Ray Whiteley – Curator – 07580 884536