The Ark Animal Rescue

Welcome to the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home website.We are a charity which takes in animals for adoption from private homes, other rescue centres and sometimes via the dog warden. We have mainly dogs and cats but also have rabbits and small furries, including ferrets from time to time as well as occasional other species.Most of our animals live with us whilst they wait to find a loving home but we also  have long-term residents who will stay with us for the rest of their lives as they cannot be re-homed for a variety of reasons.On this website you can look at all the animals we have staying with us and find out about how you can adopt or sponsor them.You can also find out some of the many ways you can help us help them.If you have any questions and can’t find the answers here please contact us.

Promotions And Notices


Most of our Cattery is now OPEN to the public following the recent outbreak of cat flu. Most cats are now available to be seen but please bear with us if access is denied to any area until we’re 100% in the clear.


If anybody is planning on sending donations of money, please think of paying money straight into our vet account by ringing 01472 840209 and you can pay over the phone. Due to the outbreak of cat flu we had a large vet bill and any donations will help enormously. Also, please read our appeal for Rory on our Latest News page


PLEASE NOTE, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, WE HAVE HAD TO STOP USING DUVETS, BLANKETS, PILLOWS, CUSHIONS ETC.  We’ve received notice to find another way of disposing of duvets etc. so please we can now only use fleece blankets or ones that will wash and dry easily, also Vetbeds and knitted blankets. This has meant a whole change to our system We now have 3 washing machines running daily so donations of washpowder would be very much appreciated. Thank you



Fleece blankets and vet beds

We’re running low on Catfood, both meat, biscuits and kitten pouches in jelly, so if you’re thinking of donating anything, please make it catfood! We also need tinned dog food

Cotton wool for bathing kittens’ eyes and microchipping


needed for Louth area please. If interested please contact us by email ring 01507358140 and leave number if no answer or visit Ark office any day 12-3pm for more details.

Gentle Reminder – Opening Times

Can we please remind people that the Ark is now closed every Thursday only as the office will be manned  the rest of the week, including weekends, so no visitors or drop-offs of bedding etc.  on Thursdays please. Boarders can still come in and be collected and animals going out for adoption can be collected but our reduced staff on this day cannot deal with any other visitors as well as care properly for the animals.

Dog of the Month

Each month we feature a different dog. Some of our dogs seem to attract less attention than others to prospective adopters. Many of these dogs are lovely animals and will make wonderful pets if only people would consider them.


Coby, our  January Dog of the Month has been rehomed.

Cat of the Month

Since starting our Dog of the Month page we had so much success with rehoming our featured dogs, that we decided to start a Cat of the Month page too and have had similar success.







We are having THREE Cats of the Month for January to try and find forever homes for cats with a medical issue, Nutmeg on left, Sid & Roy, on right.

Collection Of Adopted Animals

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer a transport service to new owners as we don’t have the numbers of staff or volunteers to do this without taking them away from vital work at the Ark. New owners are asked to make their own arrangements for collection, including long-distance ones. Also, we’ve had a spate of people not collecting the animal they’ve reserved. If you change your mind for whatever reason, please tell us straight away. We’d rather know as it prevents an animal missing out on another home while it waits to be collected and helps us plan our available space for animals needing rescue.

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