We care a great deal about the welfare of all the animals entrusted to us.  It is important to us that they go to good homes. So many of our animals have endured hardship or bad treatment prior to coming to the Ark, that we want to ensure that they go to good, loving homes and will be happy and well cared for for the rest of their lives.Before we let any animal leave us we need the adoptor to satisfy us that they are capable of undertaking the minimum level of care we would expect an animal to receive.  All new owners, on collecting their chosen animal, are required to sign an agreement to this effect.

We also have terms under which we will process adoptions which includes our carrying out home-checks and requesting a financial contribution. This is effectively our policy on the how, when who and why of adoption and it underpins everything we do. It is important that you have read, understand and agree to act within this policy of you want to adopt one of our animals.

The owner must:

  • Provide a good and loving home with attention to feeding, grooming and general good health and to provide veterinary care whenever necessary.
  • Allow a representative of the Ark access for follow-up visits and to permit the representative to remove the dog/cat should the home provided be unsuitable.
  • Inform the Ark if, for any reason, they are unable to continue to give a home to the dog/cat, or if they change address and not to give the animal to anyone else.
  • To agree to have the dog/cat castrated or spayed by a qualified veterinary surgeon and never to breed from it. 
  • To continue annual vaccinations against parvovirus etc. If not done you will be charged the vaccination fee should you need to return the dog.
  • To inform the Ark if the dog/cat goes missing or dies.
  • To surrender the dog/cat to the Ark if they break this agreement in any way.
  • You will be required to make a donation to the Ark of: –
    • Dogs – £120 or £175 for a pair,
    • Cats – £50 or £75 for a pair,
    • Guinea Pigs – £20 or £30 for a pair,
    • Rabbits – £45 for a rabbit or £60 for a pair if vaccinated and neutered £30 or £40 for a pair not neutered or vaccinated. This is due to the vastly increased charges we now have to pay for rabbit vaccinations and neuterings. These donations will help us with our enormous vet bills.

    Should you return the dog or cat to the Ark for any reason, this donation is not refundable, except in exceptional circumstances.

Please note: If you already have another dog you will be expected to bring it up to the Ark prior to adoption to make sure the animals get along. Failure to do so results in upset and confusion for the dog being adopted when it has to be returned, disappointment for the new owners and wastes valuable time of Ark staff and volunteers.