In Loving Memory

Over the last years and months, we have very sadly lost some of our older animals, as well as, tragically, some not so old ones, who were awaiting adoption. So we have decided to make a page on our website in memory of some dear friends and wonderful characters we have come to know so well. Some have died unexpectedly, others not so, and others we’ve had to make the difficult decision to have them put to sleep to ease their pain and allow them to die with some dignity. The loss of every one makes us sad because they all have different characters that we love, funny habits and quirky natures included, but we have to console ourselves with the fact that we’ve done our best to improve their lot and make their lives with us as happy as possible and their ending as peaceful as we can.There have been too many to record here, so we’ll only record the most recent ones, but we remember and have photos of every one and some that have been with us the longest are now buried or have their memorials around the Ark site.



Sweet-natured Fynn came to the Ark in 2017 when her owner had only a month to find somewhere for her or she’d be put to sleep. She had Cushing’s disease and was prone to laminitis but neither of these caused her demise. She developed colic and had to be put to sleep on Wednesday 9th January 2019. Her best friend Toffee stayed by her side all day until the vet came.

Only an hour or two after her death she featured on the One Show report about the Ark and our noise abatement order. Quite a way to say goodbye to this world but very bitter sweet for all at the Ark who loved her.



15 year-old Charlie came to the Ark in November ’18 when his family was moving abroad and the vet had advised against Charlie charlietravelling. He had a history of , so this was agreed and he died peacefully on crystals in his urine when stressed so we expected initial problems. Sure enough he developed cystitis but no crystals so was treated with antibiotics. He didn’t respond to treatment so returned to the vets and a bladder stone was removed, but the vet also found a cancerous growth in his bladder and the nature of it was such that the vet advised not waking him up from the operation, which was agreed and he died peacefully on 8th December.

He hadn’t been with us long but proved to be such a lovable, talkative cat that he melted our hearts straight away. He loved nothing more than than human attention and would demand it if anybody was nearby so we found ourselves regularly stopping by him to give him a fuss. he knew nothing of his illness, or of his passing and and we’re so pleased that he didn’t reach the stage of feeling any pain. 



Scooby came to the Ark on 30th March this year due to the ill-health of his owner. He had a few issues due to abuse in a former home but was a loving boy. Recently he started losing weight despite increased feeds and had investigations at the vets to try and find out what was wrong but nothing was found. However, we felt he was deteriorating and took him back to the vets where he was diagnosed to be in heart failure. The vet also suspected he had a mass on his lung, but his heart condition meant he would not survive the light anaesthetic required for an X-ray to confirm this. So it was agreed to put him to sleep which was done on 11th October 2018.

Scooby was a favourite amongst staff and volunteers at the Ark and, sad as we are at his loss, we’re all relieved that he’s no longer suffering He was 13 years old and would definitely had suffered so much more had we waited any longer. Run free now Scoob!.


Lizzie came to the Ark in December 2012. Her owners were moving into a flat and had searched for a rescue centre that would take her and not confine her, travelling up from the South Coast to bring her to us. Lizzie was a Bengal cross of around 5 years old and had been in a road accident about a year before, leaving her incontinent and needing her bladder expressed twice a day to keep her dry. She was a lovely friendly cat, who liked to be outside, especially if it was sunny, so after a period in a cage acclimatising she was released and lived with our other permanent residents in the cat cabin.

She never went far and was frequently seen just sunning herself in the cat garden or nearby, never far away at teatine, after which she was safely tucked up in the cat cabin till after breakfast. So we were surprised when on day she didn’t turn up for tea. Sadly, despite extensive searching we came to the conclusion she probably wouldn’t come back and so far that has been the case. We all loved Lizzie and so did many of our regular visitors, some even sponsoring her keep. Her former family were understandably very sad to hear she was missing as they did everything in their power to get her right after the accident and have asked to add that she was much loved by many people, and that it took the efforts of many to give her a second chance at life after her accident. 

Wherever she is, we hope she’s happy and being looked after.


Sam came into the ark because he kept scratching and biting his owner and spent the rest of his days with us.he used to patrol in and around the office but more recently has spent time living free in one of the catteries. He went to the vets for a dental but during examination it was discovered he had a mass in his stomach, so was pit to sleep on 20th June 2018.

He was always somewhat feisty although had mellowed a bit of late and we’d noticed he was looking old. He must have been approaching 18 years when he died. We all loved him despite his unpredictable nature and it seems strange not seeing him around the Ark. Rest in peace Sam.



Tye came to the Ark back in January this year fro rehoming from another rescue where he’d been as an unclaimed stray. We immediately noticed stiffness in his hips and he was put on pain and anti-inflammatory medication along with rest and then gentle exercise. But sadly it gradually got worse and he collapsed on his back legs. The vet prescribed a week’s cage rest along with his medication.but he kept collapsing so was sadly put to sleep on 31st May 2018.

Poor Tye never got the chance of that elusive home for his retirement, which is always sad, but hopefully he’s now out of pain and running free.




Oscar was found on Sunday 20th May 2018 by a member of staff haemorrhaging from his face. He was taken straight to the vets and was put to sleep immediately as the vet diagnosed a brain tumour which had ruptured.

He’d been at the Ark for a long time, was free-roaming on the site and was estimated to be at least 19 years old. It was a big shock for everybody who knew him, but particularly upsetting for the staff on duty that day. At least now he’s free of what must have been an unpleasant experience for him.



skyla12 year old Skyla came into the Ark with her best friend Tilly for rehoming. We noticed shed started dribbling and her teeth looked as if they needed attention so she was booked in for a dental on 26th April. Sadly, on close examination it was found she had two cancerous growths in her mouth. she was obviously already feeling uncomfortable and the cancer was too large to treat, so she was put to sleep immediately on the vet’s advice.

Skyla is out of pain now, but her best friend faces a more lonely future until we can find a home for her. let’s hope it’s soon.



Tinkerbell, Popeye and Prince


A bad week at the Ark. First of all Popeye who collapsed in heart failure. Unfortunately, he was so feral we couldn’t get near him with any regular medication, so the vet advised euthanasia and he was put to sleep on 14th November. We couldn’t even get photos of him. Below are a couple snatched with his siblings when he was too comfy to move!

Next came Tinkerbell, a small grey semi-feral female who has lived at the Ark for all of her 14 years was found collapsed and panting and taken to the vet straight away. She was deteriorating all the time and the vet suspected a brain tumour so she was put to sleep on 15th November.

And last but not least, Prince, one of our 7 year old Chinchillas who needed dentals every two months or he couldn’t east and lost weight. He wasn’t due for one but wasn’t eating so went the vets where he died , also on 15th November. His brother Rocko, who had lived with him all their lives was luckily adopted by a Chinchilla enthusiast who had just lost his.







All this only days after losing Harry (below). Rest in peace little ones.



Harry only came to us a few months ago to retire. He was a 28 year old Irish Draft chestnut, a real gentleman and quickly came to be loved by all who knew him. Sadly, this morning, Saturday 4th November, he developed colic. The vet was called immediately but efforts to save him failed and he sadly died.

Today is a sad day at the Ark as we mourn his loss and hope he’s now running free and without pain.



12 year old Stella had only been with us just over a week, having come from another rescue where she’d been taken as a stray and was stelladue to be put to sleep. It was immediately obvious that her back legs weren’t good and she was put on an anti-inflammatory painkiller but she was a beautiful-natured dog, so calm and loving, that we felt she deserved the chance of a loving retirement home for what time she had left after her recent bad luck. But she stopped eating so was taken to the vets who advised euthanasia as her back legs were n very poor condition and she’d lost interest in life. So lovely Stella was put to sleep after all but this time with somebody familiar with her who cared about what was best for her. At least she’s no longer in pain.




spirit came to the Ark along with Billy about 8-9 years ago from Rushmoor Country Park after we’d lost our elderly goats.She must have spiritbeen around 3 years then and a about three months later in February 2009 produced completely by surprise her daughter Magic. She must have been pregnant on arrival unknown to us. All three goats have been a feature of the Ark over the last 8 years.

Sadly Spirit has been a little off colour recently but always recovered. However, she didn’t run over for an appler offered to her, was knocked over by the other two and didn’t get up. The vet was called and, although she got up again, was still very wobbly. She was bloated and full of gas and the vet said that, although she could put a tube in and remove the gas, at her age (11 years) it wasn’t fair. There was some possibility of a growth too but this couldn’t be confirmed due to the bloating. The vet advised euthanasia as the kindes option so she was put to sleep quickly and calmly on 18th May 2017. She has been buries at the Ark.


Big Bertha


Big Bertha came to the ark after she was found hopping along a busy road. She wasn’t the friendliest rabbit and was difficult to handle but she fell in love with Henry, one of our other rescue rabbits and the pair were moved intogether and became permanent residents.She was very protective of Henry and would snuggle up with one of those enormous ears over his back.

Sadly we found Bertha dead in her hutch on the morning of 30th March ’17. She hadn’t shown any sign of illness. Sh’s being cremated and her ashes brought back to the Ark  and we’re hoping to bond Henry with Joan, our only female rabbit at the moment..




Penny just turned up at the Ark a few years ago and has stayed ever since. We became concerned about her behaviour a while ago and she was found to have a very high blood pressure so had to goon permanent medication which has kept it stable since.

She’s been fine until this afternoon (28th February 2017) when it was noticed she had a very large tummy at feeding time. She was taken to the vet straight away and they thought she had a ruptured tumour so she was put to sleep straight straight away.

The quick-thinking and action of staff have prevented any pain she may have had to be very short-lived and she was put to sleep before she really suffered which she would certainly have done if left. Penny knew what she was doing when she walked into the Ark that day and has now three times got the help she needed from us.




Bubble came in with his brother George after the pair of them were said to have ganged up and killed two rabbits! Sadly Bubble became ill and was taken to the vet who diagnosed kidney and liver problems. As it was likely he was in considerable pain he was put to sleep on 22nd February 2017.He was only 2-3 years old but is now pain-free.






Suzy was found straying for some time on one of the local caravan sites with a nasty skin allergy and brought to the Ark. She was elderly but we didn’t know her exact age or where she came from. She was rehomed but had to be returned as she was too scared of the child in the family so needed a very quiet home and seemed to have happily made her home at the Ark.

She went off her food and lost weight and the vet found her to have a very high temperature as well as heavy bleeding from her bottom when he took her temperature. he felt sure she had something quite nasty going on inside and didn’t think she had any quality of life left so she was put to sleep on 29th November 2013 before she suffered any more. It’s been a sad week for the Ark as she’s the second animal we’ve had to make this sad decision for in a matter of days.




Little Lucy, a Dachshund X Patterdale Terrier came into the Ark because her owner had gone into a care home . She was 13 years old and possibly going deaf so she must have been very confused and frightened by her change in circumstances. She was quickly offered a home but she had a sore on her neck we wanted investigating first. She’d always hated the vets so was like a little spitfire there, making it very difficult to examine her, but a lump was found which was to be removed under anaesthetic.

Sadly the lump proved to be not only malignant, but the cancer had spread throughout her body so we had to make the decision to let her go to prevent further suffering and she fell asleep on 24th November 2014. How sad that she didn’t get to leave the Ark and spend some quality time in her new home, but it wasn’t to be. At least now she’s pain-free and at peace.



moominMoomin came to the Ark in June 2013, then around 10 years old. He’d been an outside cat but, as he hadn’t been adopted, we wanted him to have a bit of warmth during the winter months as he was getting older and he happily became our stable cat and he’s been there ever since.

However, it was noticed he was behaving oddly, so he was put in our isolation area so an eye could be kept on him and he was found collapsed on 19th October and taken to the vets straight away. He was in heart failure and comatose so was put to sleep to prevent any further suffering. Not many people saw Moomin as he was up in the stable area but he lived out his life doing what he liked best.





Maggie only came into the Ark about 6 weeks ago due to the ill-health of her owner. At 18 years and not in the best of health herself we knew she was likely to end her days with us. Last week she stopped eating and the vet decided she’d come to the end of the road so she was put to sleep on 23rd September. 2016. It’s a shame she couldn’t have stayed in her own home for those extra weeks but it wasn’t to be. Sleep tight Maggie.






It’s with the greatest of sadness we had to let Cody go on 2nd August 2016. He’d come back to us with a very bad intestinal infection and spent much of the time since in the vets. There were times when we thought he would make it and others when we felt sure we would lose him. In the end, he lost the battle. He had many followers, all rooting for him to recover and all will be sad at this news. He had a loving home to go to so his future was bright, but tragically it wasn’t to be. Our thanks to Mike and all the staff at Eastfield vets who fought so hard to save him.

Run free now, little man.



tedIt it with deep regret to inform all Ark supporters that we have let Ted go to sleep . His battle with his arthritis became too much. The anti-inflammatoriess gave him an upset stomach and without them he had no quality of life . He went to sleep in Sue’s arms and with great dignity. We will all miss our gentleman who helped so many homeless dogs, being a grandad to them. Run free Ted x x x







Prince came to the Ark when he was around 6 years old. He’d been a stray for some time and was semi-feral and when the family that was feeding and looking out for him moved, they were worried nobody would take their place so brought him to us. He was timid and could show aggression but had generally become much more amenable to those he knew, albeit on his terms. He never went far and seemed to spend a lot of his day in the area around the feeding station and staff rest room.

He’d recently been diagnosed with kidney disease so we knew his days were numbered but hoped to maintain his quality of life for a little longer yet. But on Easter Sunday afternoon 2016 he was found collapsed by a member of staff and had sadly died of a heart attack. He was easily recognisable with his grey tabby and white colouring and had become quite a fixture around the place. On the day he died he’d become particularly friendly, searching out staff to be with and enjoying bathing in the sunshine. We’ll really miss the little man.





Freddie came into the Ark back at the beginning of 2011 because he taken a disliking to his owner and was aggressive towards her, although fine with other family members. He was a house cat and a timid boy. On arriving at the Ark it took him months to come round but he did eventually and we let him out on the site. He’s remained very timid of strangers but has been affectionate with the staff he knew. He wasn’t keen on other cats and preferred to be a bit of a loner. We tried rehoming him twice but he was returned both times as he didn’t settle. Freddie liked life at the Ark.

Sadly, he deteriorated suddenly and when seen by the vet, was found to have advanced kidney failure so was put to sleep on Friday 19th February 2016. He wasn’t an old cat so unlucky to have succumber to kidney disease so early. Staff members will miss his quiet presence , especially around the food preparation area.




Sky had only just come to us having been brought in as her owner had died. She wasn’t yet 2 years old but her hips were very bad and she was in pain. She was taken to the vets without delay and we were expecting to hear that she had hip dysplasia requiring two expensive operations, but X-rays showed it was much worse than that and that she had no hip joints at all, a result of in-breeding by an unscrupulous breeder. We had no choice but to follow the vet’s advice and put her to sleep straight away on 27th January 2016.

She was a beautiful dog with a beautiful nature and had a deep impact in the short time she was with us. It was a devastating decision to have to make. Sometimes rescue work sucks! R.I.P. to a lovely girl who will now suffer no more pain.




murphySadly, Murphy our cattery corridor cat, had to be put to sleep on Wednesday 23rd December 2015. He came to the Ark in January of this year as a permanent resident when his owners went to live abroad. He was 12 years old then.

He could be quite a grumpy boy but did form attachments to those he knew best and would allow some head stroking on his terms. He created his own rules and if they were observed and he was fine. We moved him to live in the cattery as winter approached as it was obvious he was aging and we wanted him to be kept as warm as possible. He showed signs of failing a week or so ago but nothing tangible but it was decided to take him to the vets before Christmas for a general health check as we didn’t want him suffering over the holiday when there were no vets around. He was found to be failing generally and his body closing down so, on the advice of the vet he was put to sleep to avoid further suffering.

He’d become quite a fixture at the Ark and we all stopped to speak to him and even give him a tentative stroke whenever meeting him. We’ll miss our ginger boy.



Milo, aged 2 1/2 years, came in with his brother Mickey back in May 2015 and was the shy one of the pair. But he
came out of his shell and both brothers had found homes. Sadly and far too early for a cat, little Milo passed away following a short illness.  Bless you, Milo, run free now.








Dottie came into the Ark with her mum  Tito and two brothers Monty and Murphy  (all in their teens) when their family moved abroad. Both Tito and Monty had been rehomed and Dottie and Murphy were still waiting.

Sadly, Dottie started having fainting fits and was losing weight. Then she stopped eating and was obviously very nauseous. The vet suspected kidney failure, but felt the rapid and severe weight loss meant there would be no effective treatment for her so advised she be put to sleep rather than make her suffer more by enduring a load of tests. She gave the impression of a cat that had had enough and no longer wanted to fight. She went very peacefully on 7th October 2015 with Sue holding her.

She was a sweet-natured girl. as were the rest of her feline family, and we’ll miss seeing that moustached little face looking at us from her chair. Sweet dream Dottie.




We very sadly had to say goodbye to Sox on Friday 11th September 2015. Sox came to us in February of this year soxwhen her owner became too ill to care for her. We didn’t know how old she was except that she was very old and she was very confused and bewildered by her new environment. Eventually, she seemed to rally and take more notice of us and her surroundings and quickly became a favourite. She would accept any new dog we put in with her for company without complaint.

Over the last couple of weeks she had started having fits and her front and back legs weren’t coordinated, so she spent most of the time on her bed. When she didn’t recover properly from the fits, we knew the time was right to have her put to sleep. Sleep tight little Sox.





Sadly, our pure Fell mare had to be put to sleep yesterday, 19th August 2015. She had severe Cushings disease, was 32 years old and was struggling with her breathing. The vet was called and, in view of her old age and medical problems, advised that she be put to sleep. She went very peacefully and was ready to go, having enjoyed plenty of ginger biscuits and mints before she went.

We all loved Bess and she’ll be sadly missed, no less by her elderly owner who’d had to give her up when she couldn’t manage her, but had had her since Bess was 6 years old and had visited her when she was able.

Her very sad owner has sent the following poem in Bess’ memory:

Bess 1982 – 2015
My darling Bess had to leave me, after all our lovely years,
she went because she had to — I’ll try to smile through all my tears.
She came to me a young black mare – we did lots of things together,
like riding on the beach – in all sorts of funny weather.
We went to shows , and when we won she really did look proud,
sometimes tho’ she’d let me know, she didn’t always like the crowd.
We had such fun together me and her, I now have a sad and lonely heart,
as my beloved Bess and I , will now have to be apart.
She has gone I hope , to Rainbow Bridge? where we will meet again
she will run to greet me — just like before,
and, be back to my darling Bess’y — now she has lost her pain.




boydIt is with great sadness we announce the passing of Boyd. He came to us on 14th November 2008, saved from imminent euthanasia having been picked up as a stray and placed on death row. It was obvious from the start that Boyd had had a rough life as he had multiple issues regarding trust, particularly with men, dogs and strangers. However, over the months he learned to trust people at the Ark, particularly the dog walkers who took the trouble to work with him and get to know him. He had his own “pad” at the back of the site away from the general public with a kennel paid for by a volunteer and settled into life at the Ark and seemed happy to be with us. It was probably a lot better than where he came from!He wasn’t short of visitors though and became a firm favourite of our regular dog walkers who would all make a point of spending time with him and bringing him treats and not many days passed that Boyd didn’t get walked.

We knew he was aging but he became obviously not himself and was taken to the vet who took bloods and sent him back to us to await results. However, the results showed he was in renal failure, his liver and pancreas were also failing so an appointment was made to have him put to sleep. Dog walkers came out to the Ark to say goodbye on the day of his departure and there were plenty of tears as he was loaded into the van. Another volunteer met him at the vets so he had her and a staff member he knew well with him as he peacefully died on Friday 26th June 2015.

Boyd had a special volunteer in Phil Parnham, who himself sadly died in April 2013 and his widow had visited Boyd regularly ever since. The pair adored each other. Boyd’s ashes are to be mixed with those of Phil’s, at his widows request, and scattered at the Ark. Boyd has left a big void at the Ark and we’ll all miss him but his pad will always be thought of as Boyd’s pad and he’ll certainly not be forgotten.






tanyaVery sadly Tanya, our 32year old Fell cross pony collapsed in the field at teatime on Saturday 23rd May 2015.She had Cushing’s disease and had some sort of seizure. The vet was called immediately but she had to be put to sleep. She was a lovely old girl and she’ll be missed, none more so than by her friend Toffee, one of our Shetland ponies. He stood over her while she was down and when she was taken away did a little whinny as he was saying goodbye. The poor lad is now totally lost without her.So sad. 






borisIt’s with great sadness that we have to announce that Boris had to be put to sleep this evening, 15th January 2015. He’s suffered from severe arthritis for some time and was on maximum medication, but was found dragging himself round his kennel making his front nails bleed. He was taken to the vets and his joints had fused, so the decision was made to put him out of his pain.We all loved Boris and knew he probably wouldn’t last out this winter but it’s still a sad day for the Ark. He had so many fans who would visit him or send him presents, especially his favourite Jumbones. Boris will be sadly missed by many but is now out of pain.






willowWillow came into the Ark, aged 14 years in October because her owner was moving and couldn’t take her. She was fit and well at the time but collapsed not long after and tests at the vets showed nothing significantly wrong and she picked up and seemed her normal self again. Sadly it happened again and the vet felt sure there was a mass internally and advised euthanasia before she really suffered, so she was put to sleep on 19th December 2014. Sadly, we’d just found a retirement home for her to go to.



Zeus aka Baloo



balooZeus came into the Ark with his mother but was already in poor helath depite the fact he was only 4 years old as he had hip dysplasia and inoperable cruciate ligament damage and arthritis. He’d lost a lot of weight and on visiting the vet it was discovered he had a mass on his kidneys. The vet advised euthanasia and in view of all his other problems it was deemed the kindest action, so he was put to sleep on 16th December 2014. He was very much a mummy’s boy as they’d never been separated, so he’s left behind a sad mum. 






aceAce was one of our first rescue horses and came to us in poor condition in April 2011. She’d previously had an accident causing injury to her stifle so occasionally went lame but developed arthritis in her knee. She was tried on a special diet but continued to lose weight  and nothing we or the vet did seemed to help.Eventually, the vet advised euthanasia as the only kind thing to do ans she was put to sleep on Wednesday 12th November 2014. She was a spirited lady, loved the company of other horses and was much loved by the staff caring for her. She was 26 years old when she died.






murphyMurphy came in with his best friend Toffee when their owner divorced and could no longer keep the. Murphy was lame on arrival due to a rotated pedal bone and we knew his prognosis was poor but wanted to give him every chance, so he had extreme trimming to help with his laminitis. Then the vet found an old fracture of his pelvis and he didn’t respond to treatment, so he was sadly put to sleep on Tuesday 11th November. He was only 11 years old.Poor Toffee is a bit lost without him but we’re trying to get her to make friends with one of the donkeys to help ease her loss.






tangoTango came into the Ark in the summer of 2013 after being on the website as a home from home adoption for several months with no success. She was bullying the family Rottweiler and would hut him down to torment.  She was already an old lady of 15 years then. Gradually her health has deteriorated over the past months and she was being treated for both liver and kidney failure. Despite her special diet, she was losing weight and nothing we did would put more back on. The vet advised her time was up and she was put to sleep on 5th November 2014.She showed none of the feistiness she did in her old home and was just a quiet old lady at the Ark, often being allowed to run free in the rehoming cattery or the porta cabin so we saw little or nothing of the former Tango, just an unassuming senior citizen.






honeyHoney came into the Ark for rehoming only in September due to a family allergy. She collapsed this morning and taken to the vet immediately who said she had a large kidney mass and advised euthnasia, so she was put to sleep straight away, today 16th October 2014.Sadly, Honey had a home to go to but never made it. At least she didn’t suffer for more than a short time which is a blessing.





rockyRocky had been with us quite a few years since his owner brought him to us when his landlord wouldn’t let him have dogs. He was a grumpy boy in the the old days but mellowed into the loveliest dog imaginable. Everybody loved Rocky. We tried rehoming him once but his separation anxiety was so great he wrecked the house every time he was left so he had to stay with us. He liked female dogs and saw a variety of bitches spend time in his kennel. His other passion was his football which he dribbled around his run as if his life depended on it.When he lost interest in his ball, we knew something was wrong. He kept collapsing and when the vet said there was nothing they could do for him, there was only one option and so he was put to sleep on 22nd October 2014. He must have been about 14 and his ashes are now in his own spot on the Ark site.



Roger Rabbit


rogerRoger came to the Ark from the Blue Cross. He’d been found as a stray with a tremendous head tilt due to an ear infection. The infection was treated but his head remained firmly to one side. He has to have his underneath eye removed as it kept rubbing on the ground and getting infected, but nothing slowed Roger down. He spent most of his time running free in the rabbit garden with his companion, Pandora, but when she died he went to live with Emma, one of our staff, so that he had company. He died in Emma’s arms of a massive hear attack on 11th July 2014 only days after having had a clean bill of health at the vets and his vaccinations. We all loved Roger but probably none more than Emma.





sidSidney came in with his long-life companion Troy to retire after a long active life as a hunter and show jumper when their owner’s circumstances changed. He had sweet itch which meant he had to wear some protection and stay in during the summer to prevent the midges biting him.Troy had died sometime previously and Sid missed him badly but then rallied. However, he fell in the field and re-fractured his knee (an old injury). It was X-rayed to see if anything could be done but sadly he had to be put to sleep on 8th July 2014.







Paris Pig


parispigParis our Pot-Bellied Pig has sadly been put to sleep on Thursday 8th May. She was a lot older than we’d originally thought and had developed arthritis which had become very painful. We gave her large doses of anti-inflammatory pain-killers but eventually there was nothing more we or the vet could do for her. When she stopped eating and couldn’t stand, we knewe the time had come to help her on her way.Paris was a very popular lady at the Ark and visitors loved going down to see her. In her younger days she played football and would create if her meals were late. In a former home she even used to live in the house! But latterly, as ill-health took it’s toll, she took little interest in her surroundings and and we knew the time had come to say goodbye.






guinnessVery sadly, our handsome gentleman had to be put to sleep on Thursday 15th January 2014. His suspensory ligament problem became much worse and he developed cellulitis in those legs, making him unstable and in great pain. Had he gone down, we wouldn’t have been able to get him up. In view of this and the pain he was enduring our vet advised the only kind thing to do was to put him out of his misery, so we reluctantly agreed.He’d only been with us a for a few short months but was such a gentle giant, both with humans and horses. He quickly won our hearts and it was always such a pleasure to see this magnificent horse out in the paddock. We’ll miss him and the other horses at the Ark will do too. He’s no longer in pain now and is hopefully enjoying that great big meadow in the sky.






Pandora came to the Ark in 2009 with an ear missing and no information on how it had happened. She quickly bonded with Roger, our resident rabbit with the severe head tilt and the pair quickly became inseparable, hopping around the rabbit garden together and visiting the rabbits for rehoming nose to nosethrough the wire of their runs.Sadly, she developed a double mandible abscess and the vet advised euthanasia as surgery would have been extensive and traumatic and her quality of life would have been severely impaired, so we agreed to let her go on 20th December 2013. We estimate she would have been around 8 years old.

So poor Roger had lost his companion and our priority is to find him another lady rabbit to bond with. he’s not the only one missing Pandora; she’d become part of the rabbit garden with her her best friend and the place isn’t the same without her. But we’re happy that she’s now pain-free.




albieAlbie, a blue-fronted Amazon parrot, came into the Ark because his owner, who he’d been with for 30 years, was going abroad to work. He was a real character, as good as gold at night and sang Happy Birthday beautifully, delighting everybody who heard him. He wasn’t for adoption but one of our permanent residents.He suddenly became ill in mid September 2013, was taken straight to the vet and stayed in the hospital while they did a variety of tests. They could find no cause for his illness and as he’d rallied and started eating again, came home where he had a heart attack and died before he could be helped.

Albie charmed all who met him and, although he’d only been with us for a few weeks, he left a big hole. He was 70 when he died. They have been known to live up to 80 years but it’s more likely to be nearer half that age, so he did well.