There are a number of other organisations, charities and businesses who we think you might be interested in. We ut links to their websites on this page to help you find them. Please note these are entirely separate to the Ark website and as such we cannot be held responsible for their content. If any link is broken please let us know.

The Oldies Club
Very friendly site dedicated to finding loving homes for older dogs

Dog Lost
Operate online support for helping owners be reunited with their missing dogs

Alfie’s Lost Dogs
A site for people who’s dogs are missing, started by Alfie’s mum

Cinnamon Trust
National charity giving practical help to the elderly and terminally ill and their pets

Bullies in Need
For bull terriers who are down on their luck. Coordinate available animals and homes throughout the UK.

Sighthounds Welfare Trust (SWT)
Committed to improving the welfare of sighthounds in UK, Ireland and Spain

Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue
Dedicated to finding good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhounds and lurchers.

Lincolnshire Pet Crematorium
Service offering funerals, memorials, poems, remembrance and counselling.

Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Grimsby
Animal welfare and health

Blue Cross Animal Pet Bereavement Support Service
Telephone or email support following the loss of a pet.

Cats’ Protection
UK’s leading cat welfare charity

The Dogs’ Trust
Largest dog welfare charity in the UK

Everything about cats including up-to-date information on your local cat rescues.

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund
Britain’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers and excellent source of information and advice on all aspects of rabbit care.

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