Ark Newsletter

It’s been a busy year at the Ark. There have been hospital admissions, maternity leave, sickness and staff changes and Laura, who writes the newsletter has been snowed under with work and coursework for her accountancy course, so sadly the newsletter has had to be shelved, but we hope to get one out soon. Meanwhile here are our admission and rehoming figures for this year.



Good news!

The Ark has a new shop at last! The address is 3 Victoria Road, Mablethorpe, but it now needs stock before it can open. We’re open every day this week (from Mon 15th Jan) from 11-2 to accept donations. An opening date for sales will be announced shortly.

Online auctions and sales

Our monthly online auctions, Christmas auctions and sales have raised £3,946.89p this year. Since they were started in 2018 a magnificent
£17,874.09p has been raised. This money all goes directly to caring for the animals, special diets, electricity, oil, vet bills etc.

Thank you to everybody who has donated items we can auction/sell and to everone that bids and buys these items, as well as to Sara who runs the sales. This is an amazing result and makes such a difference.

Christmas Donations

We’d like to thank everybody, to many to mention, who dent donations of money, brought or sent donations of food, toys, treats etc to the Ark to ensure all the animals got a present. We’d also like to thank the customers and staff of Dunelm in Grimsby who donated carrier bags filled with beds, blankets, food, treats and toys so that every cat and dog got one. Even the pigs, goats and horses didn’t miss out. On behalf of the animals, who had such fun opening their presents, we’d like to thank every single one of our wonderful supporters. We couldn’t do what we do without you.
Just a few of the many photos we took.










Christmas Open/Closing Times

The Ark office will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and again on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We will also be closed to boarding drop-offs and collections on those days.
All other days we’ll be open during normal hours and appointments can be made as usual 12-3pm.
Normal hours will resume on 2nd January 2024.

5* Boarding Licence!

We’ve recently had our annual boarding inspection and have been awarded a 5* rating so are thrilled. It takes trmendous hard work to achieve perfection! To read the certificate please go to our Dog Boarding page and click on the certificate to enlarge it.


A Big Thank You!

We had a lovely group from Equans Grimsby with us today, 27th October ’23,  who were a great team . They really helped here. Thank you to all that came, you ve made such a difference.































The Ark has been on Look North!

We’d like to thank everybody who has supported us in some way following the feature on Look North on 18th January. We’ve received so many words of support and encouragement, donations of money, food and other items and even enquiries re adopting animals as a result of the item. We feel very humbled and blessed to have such wonderful supporters who always buoy us up when times are hard. A huge thank you to every one of you! We’re doing our best to send our thanks asap to everybody individually. If you’ve not heard from us please let us know as we’ve had one email bounce back as undeliverable.
For those who didn’t see the programme, you can watch it here:



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Revised boarding and adoption charges

We are, regretfully having to put up our prices due to the increased cost of heating, food etc. with effect from 1st January 2023 They are as follows:


Dog Show Sunday 11th September 2022

The Dog Show held in aid of the Ark at the Ark was a great success. It was the first event we’ve held on site since Covid, the weather was perfect and loads of people came, many with their dogs. The amount raised was a massive £1,263.05. This is a wonderful result and we’d like to thank Shampoodles of Louth who organised the event, and everybody else who helped in some way, including the staff who all worked so hard getting ready and clearing it up afterwards. We couldn’t have done it withought any of you.












Adoption Application forms

Our adoption application forms for dogs, cats and small furry animals are now available on the website. You’ll find the appropriate form on each of the adoption pages. If you’re interested in adopting one of our animals, please open the form and download it, fill in the form and then email to us at  In the case of adopting dogs, we also need photos of your garden demonstrating its security for a dog, eg boundary fencing/gates etc. Once we’ve received form (and photos where appropriate) and all is satisfactory, you’ll then be invited to make an appointment to meet your chosen animal. We can still email the forms out if this is preferable or you have any problems, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.


Cheque donations/payments

Could we please ask that anybody paying cheques to the Ark for whatever reason, please make them payable to “The Ark” This is how our account is registered at the bank. Quite a few people are writing “The Ark Animal Rescue (& Retirement Home)” which is our proper title, and the bank system sometimes has trouble accepting these. Computers, eh, mustn’t confuse them! If you can rember to do this when possible please, it will save us some time and inconvenience sorting it out with the bank. Thank you.



We now have a donation shed and external safe post box erected just outside our gates. Hopefully this will make dropping off of donations easier for public and staff. Donations can be dropped off out of hours at our supporters’ convenience rather than having to wait for a member of staff to be free to accept them. Newsletters are available inside shed should people wish to take one.



























Donation collections from the Horncastle area.

We now have a volunteer who will pick up donations from the Horncastle area and from the route from Horncastle to the Ark. If you have any any items you’d like to donate i.e. food, bedding (NO quilts, pillows, cushions please!), let us know by phone or email and we’ll get her to arrange a convenient collection time with you.