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There is a lot going on at the Ark and we are becoming increasingly busy. New arrivals, fundraising events and lots of changes going on all interest our many visitors and supporters.To keep everyone up to date and to promote our work we are producing a newsletter every month. If you want to be sent a copy of the newsletter when we publish it just email us, and we’ll add you to the list. Obviously, in the interests of saving money, we’d rather email it to you than post it.You can view our latest newsletter below.

We apologise for the lack of a newsletter over the last three months, caused by the combination of the sad death and funeral of our founder Pauline Rice followed by the unexpected hospitalisation of the newsletter editor. Normal service has now been resumed and we thank everybody for their patience and understanding.

NEWSLETTER December 17

Our Newest Addition







We recently rescued a pair of donkeys called Morse and Vera. It soon became obvious that Vera was pregnant and she gave birth to a a small but healthy female foal overnight on Sat/Sun 10th/11th June. She’s absolutely gorgeous and Vera is proving a good mum despite only being young herself. She has been named Dory by Pauline Rice’s 2 year-old great granddaughter, Belle.

Dog Training Classes




New Winter Class Timetable!
Starting 1st Week October.
10am – Extreme Puppy Training
11am – Large Breed Dog Park
12pm – ASBO Agility

11am – Dog Park
12pm – ASBO Agility

11am – Mini Dog Park
12pm – Agility
1pm – Team Building (A mix of Obedience, Scent training, Brain Games, Retrieving, Rally-O and Flyball)

Dog Park is £5 per class
Agility and Team Building are £10 per plass
If you attend 2 classes together there is a discount of £2.50
Extreme puppy training is £40 for a 4 week course (you do not have to do all 4 weeks in a row)
Tuesday and Wednesday classes must be booked and paid for in advance to secure places and attendance.
Doggy Day care is available Tuesday and Wednesdays if you cannot attend. I will collect your dog and they will do all classes that day and then I will deliver them home (very tired!!) the price either day is £15 per dog and must be booked in advance.

Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance. 4 weeks course is £40 please contact Pamela for more details either through her Impackt Behaviour Facebook page or by phoning 07803 307882..



Sad News

paulineIt is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Pauline Rice, the Ark founder. Pauline started the Ark over 30 years ago and has been the inspiration behind the rescue and rehoming of thousands of animals over the years. She was loved by all who met her, both four-legged and humans and has left a great legacy behind of love and compassion. Her daughter Sue and her granddaughter Laura , our manager and deputy manager respectively, are continuing the work Pauline started and carrying that legacy forward so that Pauline will never be forgotten. She died peacefully yesterday evening, 27th April 2017.

Pauline’s funeral is at Alford crematorium on Wed 17th May at 11am. As requested by her, please no black, wear bright colours. For those that want to follow her from The Ark please be at The Ark for no later than 9.30am as there is a special send off planned. She asked for two Fresian horses as part of her journey and they will convey her coffin to a waiting hearse at Saltfleet. For those wishing to pay their respects in North Somercotes we plan to drive through village at approx 9.45-10am. We hope to give her a carnival feel as she wished. Please feel free to join in and afterwards we are at The Church Hall for a gathering and celebration of her wonderful life from approx 12.30. The Ark will be closed to the public on Wednesday.

Bedding Donations

PLEASE NOTE, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, WE HAVE HAD TO STOP USING DUVETS, BLANKETS, PILLOWS, CUSHIONS ETC.  We’ve received notice to find another way of disposing of duvets etc. so please we can now only use fleece blankets or ones that will wash and dry easily, also Vetbeds and knitted blankets. This has meant a whole change to our system We now have 3 washing machines running daily so donations of washpowder whould be very much appreciated. Thank you

New paved area


Regular followers of the Ark will be aware of our recent appeal for paving slabs. They have now been laid and will provide a lovely dry exercise area for the dogs during winter months, The area has yet to be fenced but we hope to have it up and running before the winter weather arrives. It will make life easier for the staff with a paved, easy-to-clean area to turn the dogs out onto for exercise and while cleaning kennels out and reduce the amount of clean bedding required because they don’t get so wet and muddy as in the graa pens – a win-win situation.

Thank you to everybody who has donated paving slabs, helped with delivering them to the Ark or helped in any other way. Yet one more improvement in the way we care for our dogs.


New bridge for dog walkers

new_bridgeWe’ve had a bridge built from the back of the rehoming kennels onto the lane outside, thanks to our Lifestyle team The Gauntlets Strike Back, who have raised to money to make it possible. This means that our dog walkers can now take the dogs out without having to pass through the main gates, so avoiding any cats in the area or cars arriving at or leaving the Ark. We had to stop any dog walking for health & safety reasons  and just exercise the dogs in the paddocks but it has now resumed again, giving our walkers the opportunity to do some lead training..





Free 5 weeks insurance for all dogs and cats adopted.

The Ark has negotiated terms with AGRIA Pet Insurance and can now send every newly-adopted dog and cat on it’s way to it’s new home with a free 5-week insurance. Each adoption pack will include details of the insurance and there’s a banner on each adoption page and the front page of our website which owners can click on for more details or to apply for further insurance. This is for all cats and dogs, whatever their age. It doesn’t include rabbits and guinea pigs at the moment.

An added bonus is that if a new owner decides to take out longer term insurance for their new pet with Agria, a donation will be sent to the Ark, so this is just another way of supporting us.

Paw Patrol Asbo Classes

paw-patrolPamela holds regular ASBO courses, which replace the Dog Rehab courses. They’re held on THURSDAYS 10.30AM-11.30AM  A very special 4 week course for dogs with behavioural difficulties and aggression. Learn to socialise and desensitise your dog to others while having fun. Taught by a qualified Canine Psychologist in a secure arena with lots of positive reinforcement and guidance.

The course is 4 weeks and £50 per dog – each dog must be individually assessed before the course and all dogs must be vaccinated and insured for agility. For further details please contact Paw Patrol Dog Services on 07803 307882.

Paw Patrol Dog Services Dog Park

paw-patrolNot only is Pamela holding a dog rehabilitation class at the Ark on Thursday mornings, but it is now followed by DOG PARK as well as another session on Saturday mornings. She writes about it:

Does your dog need lots of exercise?
Do you struggle to get your dog to come back to you or do they run off when exercising?
Has your dog never been off lead and you are nervous to try?
Would you like an easy way of draining some excess energy from your dog each week?
Is your dog friendly to other dogs?
Paw Patrol Dog Services is proud to announce an Exciting new concept… DOG PARK at The Ark Rescue Centre, North Somercotes!
In a secure enclosed grass paddock, let your dog run around with other dog friendly dogs. Play games, make friends and tire out your dog without any long walks!! Practice recall and build your dogs confidence off lead!
Qualified, insured Canine Psychologist runs the session and is present at all times.
Dog Park is at 11am on Thursdays and Saturdays and starting on Tuesday 6th June at 7pm.
Places are limited and must be booked – Dogs MUST be friendly and disclaimer signed.
Please call 07803 307882 to book your place! You cannot come without booking first as Pamela needs to know how many dogs will be coming. or contact her via her fb page: or 

Try it, the dogs have a wonderful time!

Pamela will also do a home visit for £45 but discounted to £35 if booked via the Ark.

Our Baby Donkey

At last, Matilda has produced her long-awaited foal, a little filly we’ve called Pollyanna on Thursday 6th August. She’s a big girl, looks just like her mum and is doing very well. Matilda is very proud and protective of her so no visitors please until further notice.

Aunty Madonna, who herself arrived at the Ark with her 4 month old son Elvis is keeping a watchful eye of her best friend and her new baby and the three of them have already been running around in the field encompassing the maternity stable. Look at the pictures below taken when Pollyanna was just 24 hours old. Isn’t she a beauty?