Ark Newsletter

There is a lot going on at the Ark and we are becoming increasingly busy. New arrivals, fundraising events and lots of changes going on all interest our many visitors and supporters.To keep everyone up to date and to promote our work we are producing a newsletter every month. If you want to be sent a copy of the newsletter when we publish it just email us, and we’ll add you to the list. Obviously, in the interests of saving money, we’d rather email it to you than post it. You can view our latest newsletter below.


Ark Shop, Mablethorpe

The Ark Shop in Mablethorpe is moving and reopens on Thursday 25th October at whet used to be Dave’s Cafe, 92 High StreetMablethorpe LN12 1AS. Opening hours will be Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm ish. Do go along and visit them.

A big thank you

We’d like to say a big thank you to John Drew, a volunteer, who has worked really hard to build a very large and much tidier-looking run at the top of the site. It’s Issac’s area and contains his purpose-made draught-proofed kennel. He’s a permanent resident and has plenty of secure room. it looks really great down there now and we’re so grateful to John for his hard work. (15th October ’18)








Our Van Appeal

ark_vanOur van needs a new engine which will cost an arm and a leg which we can’t afford so we’re launching an appeal for help. I is specially fitted out with several cages which means we can transport several animals safely to and from the vets. Without it we cannot take multiple animals at a time on vet runs, meaning more trips in a week and staff spending more time off site on the runs. At the moment staff are using their own cars to do single trips but more frequently which is neither time or cost-effective.

So we’re appealing for anybody who is able and would like to help us get the van back on the road. Payments can be made via payPal from our Donations page or by Cheque payable to The Ark and sent to us at Donna Nook Road, North Somercotes, LN11 7NX. Alternatively, people can pop in to see us and pay cash or by card. Anything will help and we’ll be so grateful for every donation whatever the size.. We’re planning to set up a Van Sponsorship scheme to help us with the maintenance once we get it back and running again.(20th September 2018)

We have fairy godparents! James and Angela Neal have not only searched for and found a nearly new engine for sale for our van but today paid £1,000 into our account to pay for it plus a few tankfuls of petrol! How wonderfully generous is that!! They have also adopted Lily, a lovely little Staffie girl and they sponsor kennel in memory of dogs they have lost. We can’t thank them enough for giving us our lifeline back and they’ve shown that there are more ways to help us than simply adopting an animal.

We also have a mechanic who is taking delivery of the engine and will then collect our van and fit it and return it to us. What wonderful supporters we have. Watch out for details of our van sponsorship. (25th September 2018)

Annie & Gigi’s Rescue

on Tuesday 4th September manager Sue set off from the Ark with Tracey and lydia, two of our horse staff, and travelled to Wales to the Welsh Pony Rescue. The following day they travelled back with two rescue ponies, Annie and Gigi.

They are gypsy cobs.Annie is a bay of 2-3 years and completely blind and had been found abandoned in Cardiff and in poor condition. How frightened and confused she must have been!. Gigi, a grey gelding of 2 years had been returned to the rescue after his new owner’s change of circumstances and came as Annie’s companion and guide.

After a long journey and night’s rest they were visited by our vet. Annie had to be sedated to be scanned in case she was pregnant, but luckily she isn’t. She then had all her main and tail chopped off as it was thought she had lice and she’s now been treated They’re being fed calm and condition, sugar beet and grass nuts, haylage and hay and are eating us out of house and home! Annie is going to have to learn a lot of trust due to her blindness .as she learns her way round and gets to know her new carers. Gigi is simply a cheeky boy.

Annie .is going to need a lot of care, extra work and TLC to get her back up to condition so any donations or sponsorship will be very gratefully received. Everybody has fallen in love with this pair and no regrets about this mercy dash to help a pony that was down and out on her luck. This is what rescue work is all about. See pictures below of the journey home and arrival at the Ark. More news of Annie’s progress will undoubtedly follow!

(8th September ’18)

gigi_annie gigi_annie_loaded annie_arrival annie_everybody_mucking in annie_feeding_together annie_beded_down_sleeping_togethergigi_arrival






Secure Field to Hire

The Ark has a secure exercise paddock available to hire for off lead work for dogs. Booking is required 9am-3pm and not available on Saturdays until end Sept.
£5 for half hour
£7.50 for an hour.
These sessions are to be supervised by owners and group booking can be made .
Please Tel 01507 358140 and leave a message and your number if no answer and we’ll get back to you. 
Chickens and goats will not be in the field and any agility equipment seen is not included.

(31st August ’18)

field field field field field

















Our Newest Addition







We recently rescued a pair of donkeys called Morse and Vera. It soon became obvious that Vera was pregnant and she gave birth to a a small but healthy female foal overnight on Sat/Sun 10th/11th June. She’s absolutely gorgeous and Vera is proving a good mum despite only being young herself. She has been named Dory by Pauline Rice’s 2 year-old great granddaughter, Belle.


Sad News

paulineIt is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Pauline Rice, the Ark founder. Pauline started the Ark over 30 years ago and has been the inspiration behind the rescue and rehoming of thousands of animals over the years. She was loved by all who met her, both four-legged and humans and has left a great legacy behind of love and compassion. Her daughter Sue and her granddaughter Laura , our manager and deputy manager respectively, are continuing the work Pauline started and carrying that legacy forward so that Pauline will never be forgotten. She died peacefully yesterday evening, 27th April 2017.

Pauline’s funeral is at Alford crematorium on Wed 17th May at 11am. As requested by her, please no black, wear bright colours. For those that want to follow her from The Ark please be at The Ark for no later than 9.30am as there is a special send off planned. She asked for two Fresian horses as part of her journey and they will convey her coffin to a waiting hearse at Saltfleet. For those wishing to pay their respects in North Somercotes we plan to drive through village at approx 9.45-10am. We hope to give her a carnival feel as she wished. Please feel free to join in and afterwards we are at The Church Hall for a gathering and celebration of her wonderful life from approx 12.30. The Ark will be closed to the public on Wednesday.


Bedding Donations

PLEASE NOTE, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, WE HAVE HAD TO STOP USING DUVETS, BLANKETS, PILLOWS, CUSHIONS ETC.  We’ve received notice to find another way of disposing of duvets etc. so please we can now only use fleece blankets or ones that will wash and dry easily, also Vetbeds and knitted blankets. This has meant a whole change to our system We now have 3 washing machines running daily so donations of washpowder whould be very much appreciated. Thank you


Free 5 weeks insurance for all dogs and cats adopted.

The Ark has negotiated terms with AGRIA Pet Insurance and can now send every newly-adopted dog and cat on it’s way to it’s new home with a free 5-week insurance. Each adoption pack will include details of the insurance and there’s a banner on each adoption page and the front page of our website which owners can click on for more details or to apply for further insurance. This is for all cats and dogs, whatever their age. It doesn’t include rabbits and guinea pigs at the moment.

An added bonus is that if a new owner decides to take out longer term insurance for their new pet with Agria, a donation will be sent to the Ark, so this is just another way of supporting us.