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The Ark exists for the sole purpose of providing an adoption service for unwanted animals and, if necessary, a place for them to spend the rest of their days in safety and comfort. As with any charity we rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of the general community to make donations of time, money, goods or services to support our work. This is essential to us because our running costs are around £8,000 a month and our vets’ fees average around £3,000 a month.  There are a lot of people who help us, either by volunteering their time to carry out work, to allow their businesses to act as donations points for food and bedding or by arranging fund-raising and sponsorship events. You can also help us by making a financial donation to us.We appreciate every penny that is donated to us and whilst we love it when people make one-off donations, what we really need are small but regular donations. These kinds of donations provide us with a regular monthly income and mean we can start to plan for things we want to do in the future. If we know how much money we have coming in each month we can plan how we will allocate that money and better understand whether we can start to save some of it to put towards more expensive projects we couldn’t otherwise afford. It also means we can see problems coming sooner and are better placed to react to financial pressures that are affecting us. Charitable donations are also tax free meaning we can pay less tax and spend every penny you donate on the care of our animals.

PayPal payments seem to be working again now although there may be occasional teething problems. Thank you for your patience and please contact us if you experience any problems..


Make a one-off donation

You can make a one off payment via Paypal using the Donation button below.

Make a regular monthly donation

You can also make a small regular monthly donation to The Ark. This sort of donation provides us with a regular monthly income that allows us to better plan for how to allocate money that is donated to us.

Set up a Standing Order with your bank

If you don’t want to use PayPal you can set up a standing order with your bank to make a regular donation. Just download, print off and complete the form below and send it to your bank.

download PDF file

Download Standing Order form

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