Permanent Residents

Since around 2009 the Ark has taken in horses that need a home for varying reasons, some because they’ve been abandoned and not properly cared for, others due to ill-health or their owners are unable to continue looking after them, either for financial, heath or age reasons. We have managed to rehome a few to loving new homes, while others will retire with us for life. We’ve also had to say goodbye to three when their health has deteriorated to a degree it was no longer kind to keep them going. Horses take up a lot of time, effort and money to look after properly but we have some horse-lovers only too willing to help with their care, and generous supporters who donate equine equipment and bedding materials.

Another way to help is to sponsor a horse ant the money goes towards the chosen horse’s upkeep. Suggested sponsorship donations are £10 per month per horse, or £90 a year, paid in advance. More information can be obtained by applying to the Ark office and speaking to a member of staff, asking for a sponsorship pack, or emailing us via our Contact form when a sponsorship pack and payment details can be sent out to you.